Metal Gear for Amiga 500 (and higher) released

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بواسطة rolandve

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صورة rolandve

21-05-2021, 21:16

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بواسطة erpirao

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صورة erpirao

21-05-2021, 21:27

amazing, the truth is that the retro community continues to surprise.
metal gear is a great game.

بواسطة tfh

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صورة tfh

21-05-2021, 21:36

First of all: Congratulations on your achievement!

And for the Lazy Penguins Metal Gear Amiga Onine in your browser

بواسطة rolandve

Champion (358)

صورة rolandve

21-05-2021, 22:50

I did not make this, I just posted the news.

بواسطة Rataplan

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صورة Rataplan

21-05-2021, 23:23

That's a nice treat! I've played it a bit and I'm not sure wheter I like it or not. The Amiga music... not my style at all. The MSX music in there sounds pretty darn good though for what it is, being emulated. I wanted to quickly skip a bit but no cheat codes Smile I like that the screen flips are just a bit quicker.
I'll try to finish it next week! When I moved to an Amiga 500 after my MSX2 I missed a few games, Metal Gear was on top of that list.

بواسطة TheKid

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صورة TheKid

22-05-2021, 08:40

This is indeed great news for the amiga community! Very well done, i’m going to try the lazy penguin option this weekend Smile

بواسطة rolandve

Champion (358)

صورة rolandve

22-05-2021, 09:43

Why would I need Amiga for this game? I've got the originals Smile Only the save to floppy option is really cool.

بواسطة h0ffman

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22-05-2021, 10:09

Cheat codes are implemented slightly differently... Still from the pause menu... its a konami game so I'm sure you can work it out.

بواسطة AxelStone

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صورة AxelStone

22-05-2021, 10:43

rolandve wrote:

Why would I need Amiga for this game? I've got the originals Smile Only the save to floppy option is really cool.

You have the rom patched on MSX to save on disk Wink . Anyway a big effort for sure, although I prefer the PSG music.

بواسطة gdx

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22-05-2021, 11:03

Is there an Amiga emulator that works on Mac? I tryed with FS-UAE but it doesn't work.

AxelStone wrote:

I prefer the PSG music.

I prefer also the original characters.

بواسطة ren

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صورة ren

22-05-2021, 12:03

Nice effort. Checked some YT footage, liking the enhanced sfx, and (to some extent) the original arrangements as well. Interesting original gfx (hey, it's 'our' Toni!)

One issue: horizontal moving speed seems way too (annoyingly?) slow. Vertical seems to be better, but still a bit slower than on MSX? (Or could it be that I'm looking at PAL machine gameplay, where on NTSC it will be faster?) (edit: oh, I now see h0ffman is actually present / in the thread! Smile (I knew the name sounded familiar.. Wink - any thoughts here? Could you (easily) speed movement up to match the original better?)

Of course don't want to jinx, but I do wonder if big K is / will be happy with this? Perhaps it would have been better to distribute a Makefile or similar & an original assets pack?

Can you combine the enhanced sfx with MSX BGM? (.. let's check tfh's link then Smile)

Perhaps interesting: Amiga Port of Metal Gear with Special Guest H0ffman + More! (interview with H0ffman by Amiga Bill)

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