Games from santiontanon. Micromancers.

بواسطة AnsiStar

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12-08-2022, 16:52

Hi Folks!
I`m searching for games from santiontanon (Braingames) and from Micromancers.
I have Transball and Wizard of wor.

Many greetings! Wink

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بواسطة Briqunullus

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12-08-2022, 21:38

Micromancers have left the scene in a cloud of dust. A digital edition of Suite Macabre can still be bought directly from Maltanto.

Multiverse for Colecovision can be downloaded from cvaddict. On this site you'll Children of the Night and Wizard of Wor as well. One day these will be considered abandonware for MSX, but that time has not come yet.

Physical editions will only be available as second hand. I don't think I've ever seen them on this forum.