Flashjacks firmware updated to Ver. 2.1

بواسطة Aquijacks بتاريخ 16-11-2022, 10:05
المناقشة: Hardware

The Flashjacks cartridge by MRC user Aquijacks received a firmware update:

V2.1 (12/11/2022)

  • Nextor is updated to 2.1.1 (COMMAND2.COM Ver 2.44).
  • Fixed Flashjacks memory access bug. The red LED check error is no longer activated.
  • Fixed audio chip reset bug. Sometimes a note was stuck.
  • The audio bus is expanded from 16 to 24 bit. Now the common audio channel is 24 bit.
  • SPDIF function added. With this feature, there is an optical digital output through the red LED of the cartridge. The output is stereo WAV 24 bit/46.875 KHz format.

Relevant link: video tutorial (Spanish language)

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بواسطة OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1438)

صورة OeiOeiVogeltje

16-11-2022, 11:22


بواسطة ray2day

Paladin (752)

صورة ray2day

16-11-2022, 14:28

if you have one... Sad

بواسطة journey

Hero (577)

صورة journey

16-11-2022, 15:06

it's MUCH rarer than a ps5 LOL! LOL! LOL!

بواسطة Manuel

Ascended (19678)

صورة Manuel

19-11-2022, 21:55

46875 KHz.... That is a LOT!

بواسطة journey

Hero (577)

صورة journey

28-11-2022, 18:43

journey wrote:

it's MUCH rarer than a ps5 LOL! LOL! LOL!

Meanwhile I found a PS5, while for Flashkjacks ... no trace


بواسطة tulack

Resident (33)

صورة tulack

10-05-2023, 09:41

Muchas gracias Antonio.
Es impresionante las presentaciones de la Flashjacks.

بواسطة Robby

Master (219)

صورة Robby

10-05-2023, 13:16

Besides the cartridge itself, even the English language isn't accessible/obtainable Wink

بواسطة Pencioner

Scribe (1610)

صورة Pencioner

10-05-2023, 22:00

This doesn't block from enjoying it. It has a nice English manual, and it is not hard to remember a few Spanish words used in config. Some (especially old, such as WBASS) software from NL doesn't have English as well and nvm Wink If it is great you might be using it anyway

بواسطة Robby

Master (219)

صورة Robby

11-05-2023, 08:25

I was referring to the previous reply.