Bufonada - physical release

Bufonada - physical release

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Spanish developer Roolandoo releases his latest MSX title Bufonada through French retro shop Coté Gamers. Its gameplay is based on the concept of alternating between two characters in order to solve puzzles. Pre-orders will now be taken.

The latest MSXdev edition rendered a stack of 32 original MSX games, free for everyone to enjoy. Some of those games are bound to have a physical release and Spanish developer Roolandoo is about to see that happen with his latest creation called Bufonada. An MSX1 game that ranked highly in the MSXdev22 contest.

In Bufonada, a medieval adventure set in the kingdom of Kimeria, you and your spirit animal are tasked with undoing a curse which cast eternal night over the land. In this platformer, you’re to switch characters in order to exploit their typical perks. Both have their unique abilities as well as weaknesses, which the player will have to utilize in tandem in order to solve the obstacles that the game has to offer. This MSX1 game comes in both English and Spanish language versions, as well as the accompanying manuals, which is a nice feat. On top of that, running it on MSX2 provides for an optimized color palette.

The game is open for pre-order at the French retro shop Coté Gamers until December the first. Seems like a perfect x-mas gift, right? Santa would probably agree. Shopping for Bufonada gets you a physical cartridge with full color print packed in a cardboard drawer box with internal foam wedges. This so called big box format measures 19 x 14 x 4cm in size and includes a stapled 8-page manual, 4 pages for English, 4 pages for Spanish on 170 grams of high quality paper.

While you're at it, feel free to take a look around the Coté Gamer's shop for more Roolandoo goods or other items. The shop has all kinds of retro machine goodness on their shelves.

Bufonada will be sold for €30,00 worldwide, excluding shipping costs. A dedicated English as well as a Spanish version are available.

relevant link: Roolandoo's Bufonada at Cóte Gamers shop

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بواسطة Uninteresting

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26-11-2022, 10:42

Happy to hear good games are getting physical releases.

بواسطة AnsiStar

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صورة AnsiStar

26-11-2022, 11:38

Same with me!! Wink

بواسطة Bengalack

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صورة Bengalack

27-11-2022, 11:10

Congrats on physical release!!!

بواسطة The Apeman

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27-11-2022, 11:45

AnsiStar wrote:

Same with me!! Wink

I always prefer physically released people.

بواسطة DTensoMSX

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27-11-2022, 13:57

Great game!
I have already ordered the physical game Wink