WTB Multiverse from hikaru games

بواسطة japanretroCT

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صورة japanretroCT

27-12-2022, 18:43

Hi i want to buy mulltiverse but seems hikaru games is out of business...also the digital version is disappeared from sell or download...
Anyone can help me?

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بواسطة Briqunullus

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صورة Briqunullus

27-12-2022, 22:45

There has never been an official digital version. And Hikaru has fled the scene after they got betrayed. Probably has to do with piracy, the real story was never told. One day the MSX world will consider this game abandonware and you'll be able to download it. But that day apparently hasn't come yet.

However... there's a workaround. The Colecovision version of Multiverse is available for download. You can play it on any emulator, even openMSX.

On the same site, you can also find Wizard of Wor and Children of the Night.

All of these games were published by Micromancers, of which Hikaru was part. The final Micromancers game was Suite Macabre. The digital MSX version of that game is for sale at Maltanto. Highly recommended, even more for that price!

بواسطة sunn

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صورة sunn

28-12-2022, 09:22

Yes. I didn't give up on Suite Macabre and after some hoops we now have the digital version download. I would suggest that you contact Hikaru Games directly and ask for a digital download. And please tell that you are not the only one who would like to support them and buy the digital rom. It would be marvellous if they could make a new batch of Children of the Night and Multiverse as a cartidge. Maybe Ebsoft/Repro Games could help?

بواسطة Briqunullus

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28-12-2022, 20:05

I have tried sending them a mail. However, I wonder if the Micromancers gmail still exists.

I wouldn't count on new batches being produced. But digital versions would be nice.