FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started

FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started

بواسطة LaDolceDols بتاريخ 06-01-2023, 12:51
المناقشة: Software

It's that time of the year again. The guys at FutureDisk are about to release a new disk. FutureDisk 47 already. This time it is a software-only edition. Okay, there is a small magazine with manuals and background stories, but the main dish here is: GAMES. The disk contains zipped versions of the new ROM games "SAK" and "Stan the Dreamer." You may know the latter game in Spanish-language version, but especially for this FD it has been translated into English. SAK is an ode by SAK Team (a collaboration of some of the finest Spanish MSX developers) to Konami's Green Beret. Think MSX2 plus SCC! In addition to these games, the first world of Abyss' new Puzzlegame " Tiny Magic" is playable on the disk. A real promo! PharMaSX, a demo for MSX-1 showing what you can achieve with 4 colors, closes the list. Oh no! The software selector is supported with new music by MicroCabin legend Tadahiro Nitta!

Release date is Jan. 28, at the RuMSX in Barcelona. The disk and software is public domain from launch and will be available for free download from FutureDisk's website after release date.

However, there is also a physical version for sale, in a limited edition, for 5 euros excluding shipping. Want to pre-order and support? Check the link below.

Relevant link: FutureDisk website
Relevant link: Form for Pre-ordering FD47
Relevant link: SAK promo video

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  • FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started
  • FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started
  • FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started
  • FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started
  • FutureDisk 47 pre-order has started

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بواسطة The_Engineer

Han (194)

صورة The_Engineer

06-01-2023, 14:40

Nice! Looking forward to the physical edition!

بواسطة erpirao

Paragon (1334)

صورة erpirao

06-01-2023, 16:47


بواسطة The Apeman

Master (252)

صورة The Apeman

06-01-2023, 17:39


بواسطة ARTRAG

Enlighted (6976)


08-01-2023, 11:42


بواسطة roadfighter

Champion (467)

صورة roadfighter

08-01-2023, 20:18

Pre-ordered Smile

بواسطة SKiLLa

Expert (121)

صورة SKiLLa

08-01-2023, 22:09

Hehe; same here; hope they have enough floppies Smile

بواسطة thegeps

Paragon (1251)

صورة thegeps

09-01-2023, 12:10

Reserved my copy too, right after the announcement on twitter

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

09-01-2023, 18:34

Thanks a lot for the support, all of you!!

بواسطة Grauw

Ascended (10821)

صورة Grauw

10-01-2023, 00:24

I also filled the form, but the field “Quilgo Submission ID (do not edit)” that says “⚠️ DO NOT EDIT this field or your time will not be recorded.” was a mandatory field (!) so I entered a - in it… hope that’s ok…

بواسطة Lazzeri

Champion (280)

صورة Lazzeri

10-01-2023, 03:33

Same here. Question

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

10-01-2023, 14:55

Yes there was something strange happening! All is well, I deleted the Quilgo thing. Thanks for reporting guys!

Both of your pre-orders arrived safe and sound!

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

13-01-2023, 14:21

Everybody: thanks for your pre-order! We are sold out oO

بواسطة LaDolceDols

Expert (98)

صورة LaDolceDols

20-01-2023, 14:59

An e-mail has been sent to everybody that pre-ordered FD47. Be sure to pay for what you ordered. I will send a reminder at the end of the week with another reminder and request to pay. After the 1st of February all pre-orders that have not been payed for are going to get cancelled and will be sold in Nijmegen (no option to claim a copy).

Most of you guys payed already: thanks a lot, you're making my life a lot easier! Gracias!

After first of Feb we'll move on to the new future(disk).

بواسطة doraemonppc

Master (247)

صورة doraemonppc

27-01-2023, 21:59

I made the preoder but never get the email asking for a payment...
Se you tomorrow in the Barcelona MSX RU