Help me find the name of this tape-only game

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27-01-2023, 02:05

Ok, here in Brazil back at the day all we had were pirated games. Guess most people know that. When my dad bought our MSX, we used a datacorder to load games from tape. 6 months and about 12 tapes full of games later, he bought a disk-drive.

I remember he used a program to copy the games from tape to disk... but there was one game he couldn't manage to copy. Maaaany years later I found out that game just can't be played from a floppy due to using some memory address which is also used by the floppy drive, or something like that.

I have some very weak memories of this game... I remember it was probably single screen, it had a black background and the screen was filled with balls (or bubbles?) which I remember moving around the screen, and you had to avoid or destroy them somehow. I don't think it was a Spectrum port and it was probably an early game.. our MSX manual had an 1986 manual and I am pretty sure that was the year it was bought... so I doubt this game was released any later than 1986

I know this isn't a lot of information... but the image of this game is like printed on my memory for decades, and I could never play it again.

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بواسطة Uninteresting

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27-01-2023, 06:17

The first game that comes to my mind right off the bat is Hudson Soft's Cannonball, although that might fall afoul of not being a Spectrum port.

بواسطة Briqunullus

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27-01-2023, 14:13

Could it be Fireball?

بواسطة Rafael_Lima

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30-01-2023, 23:54

No, it's neither cannonball or fireball. Cannonball was a cartridge game and I believe Fireball actually came in a floppy.

The title screen was pretty much a demo of the game, and the screen was full of balls (Well, circles), and I remember the balls were either of one color or the other color, and I remember as longer as you played, the less balls were on screen.

I DO NOT think it was a Spectrum port. The game actually looked more colorful than both Cannonball and Fireball.

What really kills me is that I asked about this game in a mailing list back in 99 or something and someone TOLD ME the name of the game, showed me a screenshot of it and all, and told me this was one of the very few games that couldn't be booted from a floppy, and that's probably the reason my father didn't copy it to disks. That's why I have this info about this game.

But stupid teenager me didn't write down the name of the game, probably thought I would never forget it or something.

بواسطة dan

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31-01-2023, 09:25

color ball? although there is a cartridge version too...