Bomb Jack for MSX1

Bomb Jack for MSX1

بواسطة Pac بتاريخ 11-02-2023, 18:13
المناقشة: Development
وسوم: Bomb Jack, msx1

Bomb Jack is an arcade classic game developed by the Japanese company Tehkan in 1984 and it was ported to many different platforms, from home computers to game consoles but there was no official version for MSX. Even so, we managed to develop our ports such as the Sega's SG-1000 port by MSX Files and Kralizec's MSX2 version.

Now we have a new version for MSX1 developed by fregarni. Although it was already announced a few years ago, the game has just been released. This port started as a university project related to game development but the specific version we are now presenting was improved and optimized. The game was coded in C language with Fusion-C, requires an MSX1 with 64 Kb RAM, and you can download it in ROM or DSK format.

Relevant link: Bomb Jack for MSX1 by fregarni
Relevant link: Bomb Jack for MSX1 video

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بواسطة ToriHino

Paladin (858)

صورة ToriHino

16-02-2023, 07:16

Very nice conversion to the MSX1. However when played on a Turbo-R the game unfortunately goes way too fast. So best to either disable the R800 at startup or make your game speed independent from CPU speed.

بواسطة fregarni

Resident (39)

صورة fregarni

21-02-2023, 09:57

Thanks for the information. I have uploaded on my page a new game update (1.2) that fixes the speed on Turbo-R computers.