[WTB] Vampire Killer MSX2

بواسطة killerkobra

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صورة killerkobra

20-02-2023, 04:01

Greetings from Canada. I am new to the forum and a massive Castlevania collector. I am currently looking for the English (and possibly the Japanese) MSX2 version of Vampire Killer. If you have a Complete (CIB) copy that you are willing to ship to Canada please contact me and lets see if we can make a deal..
Thanks a million.

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بواسطة MYKSelf

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صورة MYKSelf

22-02-2023, 20:45

@rfz1977 Has a copy on this same forum. Try to talk to him, he is a nice pal. Smile

بواسطة AndreV

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صورة AndreV

22-02-2023, 22:46

Here in the netherlands is also a copy for sales jp.

بواسطة Pac

Scribe (7007)

صورة Pac

23-02-2023, 19:01

Being a collector, I would go for the Japanese version first. The big MSX game boxes are amazing.