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Richard Smit recently took a flight to Japan and found this advert in the JEN-Guide. Apparently it's possible to play some retro MSX Games during several flights of Japanese Airlines

Relevant link The advertisment

MiniGame Compo 2003

by snout on 30-06-2003, 19:07
Topic: Development

Right here you can find some information on a special development-competition.

The purpose is to create a small game that is either 1KB or 4KB in total size, which has to work on a classic 8-bit computer, like the MSX.

Are there any MSX Developers who accept the challenge? :)

MRC Forums: 5.000 posts!

by snout on 29-06-2003, 23:47
Topic: MRC

2003 turns out to be a year of celebration for the MSX Resource Center.

MSX SCC mailinglist

by snout on 29-06-2003, 14:49
Topic: Websites

On Yahoogroups, a new mailinglist was set up dedicated to the Konami SCC sound chip. After regestering as a member of this group you can download several MP3 files of MSX SCC tunes.

MSX SCC mailinglist

Best MSX2 game ever [round 5]

by snout on 29-06-2003, 02:51
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

We are quickly approaching a spectacular finale of the best MSX2 game ever mega-poll, as 16 games are battling to move on to the fifth round.

You can now cast your votes on the games that made it this far, right here in this forum thread. Be sure to read the rules and cast your votes before the third of July.

Meridian 3.0 beta

by snout on 28-06-2003, 00:55
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Michiel de Vries has put a new beta-version of Meridian 3.0 on his website. This is the first version on the internet that is capable of playing MIDI-files using the Sunrise Moonsound soundcartridge.

Meridian is a MIDI-Sequencer using a powerful windowing system and a delta-steptime based tracker.

RuMSX 0.27

by snout on 27-06-2003, 17:17
Topic: Emulation

Almost a year after its previous release, RuMSX 0.27 hits the net. RuMSX was the first emulator that could emulate (part of) the MSX turboR computer. Many people have always considered this emulator to be very user-friendly.

MSX - 20th anniversary

by snout on 27-06-2003, 00:00
Topic: MSX Revival

Today is a very special day for the entire MSX community. The MSX standard is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Super Optimizador

by snout on 26-06-2003, 23:56
Topic: Development

Ricardo Bittencourt send us an e-mail to let us know that he is working on a very special utility at the moment: 'Super Optimizador'. This Super-Optimizer generates highly optimized Z80-Assembly out of ordinary C commands.

You can pass a command through the Super Optimizer, which will then look through all possible options that have the right outcome.

Portuguese Aleste 2 Manual online

by Bart on 26-06-2003, 23:53
Topic: Translations

A Portuguese Aleste 2 manual has been put online by Ricardo Bittencourt at Bizarro World. The manual has been translated an put online including some nice graphics from the manual as well.

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