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Samanet part of Samanet online

by Sama on 17-09-2003, 17:29
Topic: Websites

On the Samanet website, the site of which the Sargon/MSX website is a part, the third part is finally available (the Samanet part). It's not purely about MSX but more about the Samanet site in general (of which MSX is a prominent part) and contains personal information on Rieks Warendorp Torringa. Go and see for yourself.

Dragonslayer 6 intro by Wolf

by wolf_ on 17-09-2003, 00:33
Topic: Music

Falcom's masterpiece has a new clone. .. or 'rebirth' if you prefer.

Spanish translators wanted

by snout on 15-09-2003, 23:19
Topic: MRC

Since june 2003 we have been working a lot on our website behind the screens. One of the things we have been working on, and plan to introduce later this year, is the possibility to offer the content of our website in multiple languages. After a lot of testing, tweaking and translating the interface of the MRC we are nearing the point where we can go online with our Spanish site.

Fuzzy Logic's space on the web

by ro on 15-09-2003, 12:35
Topic: Websites

In order to contibute to the revival-years of the MSX system, Fuzzy Logic decided to fix up a nifty website with all Fuzz products for you to download.

Fuzzy Logic was (is?) a demo group who was very active in the early nineties producing one product after another. Not only demos were done, but you can check that for yourself soon at the project section.

We received a request from one of the editors of MSX Magazine 2, who is working on an article on MSX in Europe. MSX Magazine is currently looking for pictures that can be used in this magazine. The following scans of photo's are wanted:

  • A picture of the Philips/PTC MSX for PC card. If possible, one with an MSX cartridge connected to it.

Relics sequel announced for Xbox

by Unregistered user on 15-09-2003, 00:04
Topic: MSX Related

The 1986 classic action RPG 'Relics' by Bothtec will get a sequel released on Microsoft Xbox next year. It will be possible to download additional quests through Xbox LIVE. Some impressive screenshots can be found here.

After adding the complete Quasar diskmagazine archives to our freeware downloads database two days ago, we have now added the following intersting titles for you all to (re-)enjoy:


fMSX for Series 60 v0.94

by Latok on 13-09-2003, 14:01
Topic: Emulation

Juha Riihimäki has released another version of his MSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones, such as the Nokia 3650, the Nokia 7650, the Nokia N-Gage and the upcoming Nokia 6600. The emulator is based on fMSX 2.7 source code.

MSXRio meeting website online

by Bart on 12-09-2003, 22:19
Topic: Events

The annual MSX meeting MSX-Rio has its website online. MSX-Rio is a two day MSX event taking place september 27th and 28th. More information on this MSX event is available at the website and our list of fairs and meetings.

MESS win32 v0.73

by Bart on 12-09-2003, 22:13
Topic: Emulation

The win32 port of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System, which also emulates MSX has been updated to version 0.73. The build and source are available at the MESS download page.

Relevant link:

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