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J-War has added yet another MSX game song remake to his website. This time he covered the second introdemo song of the best MSX2 game ever: SD-Snatcher.

Delta Soft site update

by BiFi on 12-09-2003, 17:24
Topic: Websites

Today Delta Soft has done some updates on their site.

  • The news section has been updated
  • The Konami Quiz 2 - The Lost Cartridges progress page has been updated
  • The calendar was updated

In the early and mid-nineties MSX Club Gouda was one of the thriving forces behind the immense activity of the MSX community in those days. MSX Club Gouda was one of the biggest resellers of MSX software and hardware. A lot of dutch people bought their turboR computers from MSX Club Gouda.

MCWF has to cancel upcoming club meetings

by Latok on 11-09-2003, 21:10
Topic: Events

MSX Club West-Friesland is one of the few MSX clubs left in The Netherlands. Several times a year, they organise clubmeetings in 'Buurtcentrum De Cogge' in Zwaag. Due to circumstances, MCWF had to decide to cancel the planned meetings for this year. This means the meetings on the 4th of october and on the 20th of december won't take place.

The MCWF website was hosted on the domain.

DAIVA as Project EGG collectors box

by Bart on 10-09-2003, 23:59
Topic: MSX Revival

This winter Project EGG will release their third collectors box, this time it will contain all seven stories of the DAIVA chronicle. T&E soft developed the game in 1987 for the MSX. But not all seven stories are available for MSX.

V9bmp 0.95

by msd on 10-09-2003, 22:17
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of the V9990 bmp viewer (V9BMP) is available at the NWO homepage. BMP and TIM (playstation format) pictures can be viewed and saved in various V9990 modes. We reported before that V9BMP now also supports YUV.

Golvellius added to EGG catalogue

by Bart on 10-09-2003, 20:57
Topic: MSX Revival

We recently reported that Aiky (former Compile) made it possible that Softcity's Project EGG got enriched with selected Compile MSX games.

Quarth medley

by J-War on 10-09-2003, 12:51
Topic: Music

J-War published no new re-arrangement yesterday so he released a really big one for today: a Quarth medley! As usual, he updated with this new song. Besides this new arrangment many others can be found there aswell.

ROMpackager for fMSX/60 1.00

by snout on 09-09-2003, 09:41
Topic: Emulation

Sousuke has released the first version of ROMpackager for fMSX/60. This tool allows you to create a SIS file containing fMSX for Nokia Series 60 mobile phones, MSX System ROMs and the DSK/ROM files you want to run. In other words: this tool makes it very easy to get an MSX emulator running on your Nokia 3650, 6600, 7650 or N-Gage.

King's Valley 2 game song re-arrangement

by J-War on 08-09-2003, 21:50
Topic: Music

J-War brings us another cover of a game song from Konami's Kings Valley 2. You can download it (and several other re-arranged MSX game songs) on

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