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Happy 2004!

by snout on 01-01-2004, 00:30
Topic: MRC

Time flies when you're having fun. A year ago we had just launched our new website, and ASCII MSX Magazine 1, the first step of the MSX Revival, had just hit the streets. On our website, the amount of visitors was increasing steadily and people even started to use our forums. And, was it just us, or were the MSX hardware and software developers getting more active again?

MNBIOS website updated

by flyguille on 31-12-2003, 18:25
Topic: Websites

Yesterday we reported about the official MNBIOS website. Today this website got a huge update. The information on the website is now available in English and Spanish. A FAQ, News and Download section were added as well.

MSX Magazine Matsuri photo shoot

by snout on 31-12-2003, 13:06
Topic: Photo shoots

On the official MSX Magazine 2 website a small photo report on the MSX Magazine Matsuri, which was held November 30th, was posted.

We have just added the eleventh entry to the downloads database. And, this is a very special one as it is a complete game! Vincent van Dam, developer of fMSX-SDL, created an MSX1 game for two players. The objective of the game is to reach the top of the mountain before the other player does.

2003 - Downloads top 25

by snout on 31-12-2003, 02:01
Topic: MRC

Ever since we introduced our freeware downloads database, we have been posting top 10 charts every month. As we are approaching the end of the year, we thought it would be nice to do a bit more than that. So here it is, the 2003 downloads top 25. Not only do we list more files, we also give some extra information on each file this time.

MSXdev'03 results

by pitpan on 30-12-2003, 23:50
Topic: Software

On March 13th Eduardo Robsy Petrus opened the MSXdev'03 competition. With this competition he celebrated the 20th anniversary of MSX and he challenged people to develop one or more games for the computer on which it all began: A genuine MSX1 with 16kB RAM and 16kB VRAM.

Many people accepted the challenge, but only little succeeded.

On july 27th we started our quest for the best MSX Game Song ever. Because the huge amount of nominations we decided to split the mega-poll up in three smaller mega-polls. One for PSG, one for MSX-MUSIC and one for SCC. After many rounds of voting in a tournament-system six game songs came out on top.

MSX Software by Arno Dekker added

by snout on 30-12-2003, 21:54
Topic: Software

Arno Dekker, who was working as a GFX artist for Flying Bytes in the early 90's, sent us some more files for our downloads database. We were already hosting some of his GFX creations for the never released game Final Future in our Graphics section.

MSX Maps - YS1 map added

by snout on 30-12-2003, 21:19
Topic: Websites

Two days ago, a new set of maps was added to the MSX Maps website. This time you can get maps for Falcom's classic RPG YS (Ancient YS Vanished)

MNBIOS website opened

by flyguille on 30-12-2003, 19:26
Topic: Websites

As of today you can find the official website of MNBIOS (MSX Non Basic Input Output System, a new not-backwards-compatible MSX-BIOS we reported about earlier) at This website will move to a different location soon.

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