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Runit 1.0

by snout on 28-01-2005, 16:13
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

SMD of Near Dark has released a tool called Runit, which can be used to start disk images from IDE and SCSI media such as Harddisk, ZIP or CompactFlash.

PT3 Tools

by snout on 28-01-2005, 11:51
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

After the release of several different PT3 players for MSX-DOS yesterday, Vincent van Dam and Dam and Alfonso D.C. decided to release PT3 Tools, a complete package for playing PT3 files in Assembly, MSX-DOS and MSX-BASIC.

PSG Tracker - Freeware

by snout on 28-01-2005, 01:01
Topic: Development

Michiel de Vries, developer of Meridian has decided to declare one of his first products, released as a Flying Bytes production, freeware: PSG Tracker.

PT3 player for MSX-DOS

by snout on 28-01-2005, 00:42
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Nyyrikki just sent us a PT3 Player for MSX-DOS. This tool can be used to play PT3 files created with Vortex Tracker II on PSG from an MSX-DOS commandline. Two weeks ago, Alfonso D.C.

2,500 members at the MRC

by snout on 27-01-2005, 11:58
Topic: MRC
Tags: Milestones

A bit more than 6 months ago we welcomed the 2,000th member registering an account at the MRC. After some cleaning up, removing several invalid accounts, we slowly headed for the next milestone. As of today, the MRC memberbase consists out of no less than 2,500 members.

MSX Posse - Restyled

by snout on 27-01-2005, 11:20
Topic: Websites

The MSX discussion board MSX Posse has been restyled with an MSX-games flavored lay-out. People who miss the old theme can still select it after logging in.

Southern Kantou MSX users meeting

by Latok on 26-01-2005, 18:57
Topic: Events

Right here you can find a small photoshoot on the latest Southern Kantou MSX users meeting which took place last sunday.

Generation MSX - Update

by [D-Tail] on 26-01-2005, 17:21
Topic: Websites

Yesterday, the online MSX software, magazines, screenshots and cheats database Generation MSX was updated again. This time, all covers from the German magazine 'Homecomputer' were added to the database. Homecomputer contained several articles on home computers, including MSX.

MRC Airwaves Challenge

by snout on 26-01-2005, 15:59
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

After the success of the MRC MuSiXmas challenge we thought it would be a nice idea to do another MSX music development competition.

Shaiwa's KSS archives - link added

by snout on 25-01-2005, 20:35
Topic: Websites

Active members of our forums already know about these pages for a long time, but we never reported about it on our frontpage before: Shaiwa's KSS archives. On this page you can find a huge collection of KSS archives, containing game music from popular MSX games.

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