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The MSX game maps website MSX Solutions has been updated with the maps of 2 MSX games:

MSX Unleashed - update

by dvik on 18-07-2006, 18:15
Topic: Software

After the release of the impressive MSX1 demo disk MSX Unleashed a couple of minor bugs were found. This release fixes these bugs:

  • A bigger bug in the 105 color image renderer made the images quite poorly generated.

The Japanese chiptune composer Hackurl has released yet another MSX flavored music remake.

MSX expenses poll closed, merchandise poll up

by snout on 18-07-2006, 15:55
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

On May 4th we started a poll asking you how much money you spent on MSX since 1983. Now, after more than 400 votes the time has come to close this poll down and start the new one.

MISC MegaRAM dissected

by snout on 18-07-2006, 13:33
Topic: Hardware

SLotman has updated MSX Files, which recently moved to a new server, with three pictures of the MISC MegaRAM cartridge. You can find these pictures in the Evidence (Other) section of his website.

Human space invaders

by snout on 18-07-2006, 13:30
Topic: MSX Related

Who ever thought that playing computer games isn't a social skill should think again. The Swiss Guillaume Reymond has made a neat video, showing a game of human space invaders. The video, which you can find over here, was made in 4 hours, with 67 people, takjing 390 pictures in 4 hours. Enjoy!

MSX fair Bussum 2006 update

by Grauw on 18-07-2006, 00:59
Topic: Events

TNI recently announced they have updated the list of participants for the MSX fair in Bussum. The MSX marathon still needs to be confirmed, but by popular request it is the intention to have it last until the morning after all. So there will very likely be a real MSX marathon again this year!

MSX Radio renewal

by Omega on 18-07-2006, 00:56
Topic: Music

It has been a while since the latest update, but now MSX Radio is back with an all new format: 64kbps mp3PRO (better quality), new DMCA compliant playlist (no more live365 membership required) and new tracks. Have fun!

Relevant link:

A week ago, the annual MSX Info Update meeting in Finland was held. As of now, a photo shoot and short report on the event is available on the MSX Info Update website.

This Sunday MSX Club Groningen celebrate their first anniversary during their meeting in Wijkcentrum De Karre in Groningen. To celebrate this first anniversary entrance will be free, and there will be cake for the attending visitors.

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