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MRC Download Charts - March 2011

by snout on 01-04-2011, 00:18
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month again, so we have our traditional look at the most popular files in our MSX Downloads Corner.

Converting a 50Hz to 60Hz MSX1

by JohnHassink on 31-03-2011, 17:47
Topic: Hardware

Ah, The eternal struggle between 50hz and 60hz, PAL vs NTSC, Japanese vs European... but have no fear: Z80ST is here!

MSX translations veteran DJANGO has improved his work on American Success.

Source: Michel Sondagh

Konami have released their classic arcade game Rush 'n Attack Green Beret in the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

In 1986 a man called Hideo Kojima joined the MSX computer division of Konami and - even though he himself would have preferred to work on the NES division - that turned out to be a life-changing event.

MIDI music to MSX

by popolony2k on 27-03-2011, 22:35
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Since december 2010, popolony2k has been developing a way to convert MIDI files (.mid) to a format our MSX can deal with. As a result of his investigations, he has found music software for MSX and PC, and he made compiler to help this conversion process.

Another Tool Assisted Speedrun of an MSX game has been submitted to Tasvideos.

Some time ago, we reported about the 10th Bonami Retro Fair. A few weeks back, the Dutch site Retro Computer en Games Museum has put a photoshoot online.


by JohnHassink on 22-03-2011, 15:43
Topic: Software

Japanese MSX developer Hackwrench has presented the community with a fresh piece of sofware which, concerning gameplay, very much resembles IREM's classic Spelunker.

Despite the current difficulties in Japan (blackouts, gasoline shortage, low supply of daily items), the MSX user Jazzin released version 1.3 of his frontend NekoLauncher openMSX for Mac OS X.

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