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Slime Slayer

by Jorito on 22-02-2012, 22:26
Topic: Software

A new -or rather old- MSX JRPG game from Japan is finally released after over 20 years.

Our downloads database keeps on growing with the addition of Ducktales, Bombaman Extra Ammo and Age 98 for Windows. If you have any MSX software that is freeware, please help us improve our downloads database and add your software.

Space Manbow poll down, MRC2k11 poll up

by Jorito on 19-02-2012, 23:30
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

We presented you with our new website that has technically been in the making for 2.5 years. Do you like it? Do you find the wiki an inviting concept? Do you miss the old website already? Can't you wait until MRC2k17 will be released?

There's a big game collection at the horizon; Manbow 2 and Parallax games all in one big cartridge.

MSX1 Video Board: F18A 1.3

by wolf_ on 11-02-2012, 18:39
Topic: Hardware
Tags: F18A

Did your MSX1 VDP go up in smoke, or do you just like soldering 'n tweaking your MSX? Meet your latest ally: the F18A!

Falcom otaku rejoice, a selection of classic JRPG BGMs is making its way to the realtime request library of Joysound Karaoke!

Six brand new MSX games were submitted to Konamito's MSX-BASIC compo this year. The participants judged the entries of their fellow-contestants and a clear winner came out on top. Say cheese!

Donkey Kong Junior - When good plumbers go bad and caged apes need help. Welcome to GDX's new Colecovision conversion.

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