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Game Runner 1.1

by snout on 27-04-2012, 17:57
Topic: Software

Game Runner is an MSX-DOS2 utility that allows you to run MSX1 ROM games of up to 32kb. Interesting features for this ROM loader are pause, save states and game speed adjusment.

Konami is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear and during these celebrations they certainly have not forgotten about MSX. Hideo Kojima revealed a special MSX flavored T-Shirt!

For the fifth year in a row, Konamito organizes an MSX-BASIC game development competition.

Knightmare Saga - Strafefox review

by snout on 27-04-2012, 16:18
Topic: Media

Strafefox released yet another nicely edited and informative game-review on Youtube. This time the great Knightmare Saga (Knightmare, Maze of Galious and Shalom) gets full attention.

41st MSX RU Barcelona announced

by snout on 26-04-2012, 12:46
Topic: Events

On June 16th, 2012 the AAMSX is to hold their 41st MSX RU user meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

openMSX 0.7.2 for Nokia N900

by Manuel on 26-04-2012, 12:37
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Maemo, N900, Nokia, openMSX

One of the most accurate MSX emulators is now available for the Nokia N900.

Kralizec's goodbye present

by wolf_ on 25-04-2012, 19:34
Topic: Software

After years of MSX development, Kralizec end their MSX career with a present.

Nunchuck update

by Danjovic on 25-04-2012, 06:25
Topic: Hardware

The Wii Nunchuck for MSX is back in an autonomous version.

It's loud and clear, turbo R games please..

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