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by wolf_ on 31-03-2013, 18:57
Topic: Software

Lieves!Tuore enters Revision 2013 with an MSX1 demo, L!T style all the way!

Time for a new poll and time for the outcome of our unofficial #msxdev Compo 12 poll.

New Generation MSX online

by Jorito on 25-03-2013, 21:28
Topic: Websites

Generation MSX version 2 has been released with a new CMS, design and a hardware database.

Nearly a year after Konamito's MSX-BASIC compo 2012 started, the results are in!

CocoaMSX 1.2

by Jorito on 25-03-2013, 20:52
Topic: Emulation

A fresh release of the new MSX emulator for Mac OS X with lots of features and fixes.

RetroMadrid 2013, a big success

by Pac on 23-03-2013, 17:14
Topic: Events
Tags: RetroMadrid

RetroMadrid 2013 closed its doors with almost 6000 visitors and the MSX as one of the main attractions due to its 30th anniversary this year.

HispaMSX BBS updates

by karloch on 20-03-2013, 20:40
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: BBS

HispaMSX BBS has been upgraded with some new features.

Retrospectiva 2012 - 3 weeks left

by the_woz on 20-03-2013, 20:31
Topic: Challenges

With only 3 weeks left before the Argentinian retro 8 bit competition closes, here's an overview of the current entries.

Mini One Chip MSX prototype

by supmsx on 17-03-2013, 13:20
Tags: One Chip MSX

A new and very small One Chip MSX prototype computer from Korea is showcased in a photoshoot.

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