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fMSX/Windows now available for free

by Poltergeist on 31-12-2013, 15:18
Topic: Emulation
Tags: fMSX

The legendary fMSX emulator for Windows is now available free of charge

toughkid released a massive update to mglOCM with support for Konami SCC-I and lots of compatibility fixes.

IDEGFX alpha version available

by flyguille on 27-12-2013, 13:54
Topic: Software
Tags: editor, graphics, map

The alpha of IDEGFX, a tool that allows you to create graphics and maps for MSX1 games, is now available as a public alpha.

Here's a collection of new MSX downloads for you to enjoy!

303bcn Christmastro

by Jorito on 24-12-2013, 20:41
Topic: Software

To celebrate christmas and yet another year of MSX, the MSX group 303bcn released a short christmas demo.

Meits starts off the Game Music Cover challenge with a recreation of the entire opening of Xak II.

West Side Trio performing 5 classic MSX game songs on violin, viola and cello - accompanied by visuals from Zanne

Tecnobytes updates

by Tecnobytes on 21-12-2013, 17:32
Topic: Websites

Brazilian hardware maker Tecnobytes announced their blog and a new batch of V9990 Powergraphs.

OCM-PLD Pack v3.2 by KdL released

by KdL on 21-12-2013, 17:23
Topic: MSX Revival

After 2 years of development 1chipMSX hacker KdL released the final version of his v3.2 OCM updates.

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