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Pimp my PSG challenge - closed

by Jorito on 01-05-2016, 00:05
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

The MRC Pimp my PSG challenge has ended, enjoy these fresh new MSX compositions!

Pimp my PSG #9 - Kwik Fit Child by Hans

by Jorito on 30-04-2016, 23:19
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

Hans Cnossen is back after 15 years with his take on Wicked Child for the Pimp my PSG challenge.

Pimp my PSG #8 - Aekrus by Yzi

by Jorito on 30-04-2016, 17:55
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

Yzi pimps one of his own Lieves!Tuore tracks with his Moonsound version of the Aekrus demo.

Pimp my PSG #7 - Star Force by [WYZ]

by Jorito on 30-04-2016, 17:38
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

Who said you can't pimp a PSG tune with just PSG? [WYZ] shows us how with his challenge entry.

Pimp my PSG #6 - Wicked Lounge by Jorito

by snout on 25-04-2016, 23:38
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

Jorito joins the Pimp my PSG challenge with a lounge version of Wicked Child.

Head Over Heels - MSX2 remake finished

by Pac on 25-04-2016, 19:04
Topic: Software
Tags: FX Software

Once again the FX Software team bring us a new impressive MSX2 remake.

Pimp my PSG #5 - Titanic by FranSX

by Jorito on 23-04-2016, 17:43
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

Another Spanish PSG track pimped by FranSX for the Pimp my PSG challenge.

49th Barcelona MSX users meeting

by makinavaja on 21-04-2016, 17:10
Topic: Events

Next 49th MSX users meeting on 18th June 2016.

Pimp my PSG #4 - Ulises by FranSX

by Jorito on 17-04-2016, 11:31
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

FranSX' second entry in the Pimp my PSG challenge is a remix of Opera Soft's game Ulises.

Have MSX classics Contra, Mon Mon Monster and Tengoku Yoitoku been developed by Bit² all along? Konami, TAITO and HOT·B might have some explaining to do...

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