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Pimp my PSG Challenge - Results

by Jorito on 09-06-2016, 22:08
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

Impact judged the Pimp my PSG Challenge entries and have eternal fame and glory to hand out.

Last chance to get a brand new Zemmix Neo BR console, based on the One Chip MSX!

Microsoft MSX Event held in May 2016

by snout on 08-06-2016, 14:44
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Microsoft

Microsoft using the term MSX in 2016!

MSX Association asks MSX developers to provide software for compatibility testing their upcoming product

Retrospecs by John Parker captures/converts images as if they were created on retro computers

Manuel Pazos and Imanok released a patch that turns Vampire Killer into Castlevania. For MSX!

Pixel artist Justin Cyr created no less than five hundred 32x32 women's portrait studies in the MSX Palette.

V9990 tech demo: Twinbee on steroids

by snout on 06-06-2016, 02:48
Topic: Software

An impressive V9990 tech demo by Fernando García

NC8+ a prototype MSX by MetalGear2

by snout on 05-06-2016, 17:06
Topic: MSX Revival
Tags: NC8+

Over the course of a year, French MSX user MetalGear2 created his own MSX2+ prototype, the NC8+

Russian Bear Service Crew has released all materials for various MSX hardware projects.

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