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fMSX/Mac 3.0.3

by snout on 12-06-2007, 17:33
Topic: Emulation

Richard Bannister has released a new version of fMSX/MAC, changing the following:

  • Fixed a nasty crash that could occur when using high requirement blitters (HQ4x/etc) on slower multiprocessor machines
  • Added a hidden preferences option to disable the informat

After acquiring Soft-City from GaiaX, D4 Enterprise has merged the retro gaming services Project EGG and PLUS! into one single service.

fMSX 3.3

by tfh on 11-06-2007, 16:08
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX has just been released. Among other things, this release comes with some major changes:

  • Added: the real WD1793 floppy controller emulation (the old patch-based emulation is still available as an option)
  • The memory slot system now expands all four primary slots with secondary slots.

MSX Calendar - June 2007

by snout on 07-06-2007, 12:22
Topic: MSX Related

MSX Café have published the calendar page for June 2007, designed by Pocky. This month is based on Compile's popular Aleste series.

JigSaw 070601

by boukichi on 07-06-2007, 12:18
Topic: Music

Shortly after releasing Moondriver, the Japanese coder Boukichi has released another interesting tool.

Tiles of Shalom

by viejo_archivero on 06-06-2007, 23:19
Topic: Software

Jipe, the MSX developer who entered the contest earlier with the game Crazy MSX Frenchies, has decided to release Tiles of Shalom as a bonus. This game was actually his real first entry, but as the game contains direct graphic rips it was not an acceptable entry for the contest.

fMSX-PSP 3.2.1

by eighbits on 05-06-2007, 10:46
Topic: Emulation

Version 3.2.1 of fMSX-PSP, the MSX emulator for the Sony PSP ]Playstation Portable[/url] has been released.

Shrines of Enigma in

by Sama on 04-06-2007, 22:59
Topic: MSX Revival

Bazix have re-released Element's only MSX game Shrines of Enigma on On MSX, this game was released by Sunrise in 1995.

MSXdev'07: Jury announced

by viejo_archivero on 04-06-2007, 21:59
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The MSXdev'07 organizers have just announced the jury for this year's contest. The jury consists out of: Timo Soilamaa (NYYRIKKI), Roberto Vargas (k0ga) and José Andrés Gil (Konamito).

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of this breakthrough game, Konami have launched a special Metal Gear 20th anniversary website and announced a special collectors edition of Metal Gear games to released on July 26th, 2007, 20 years after the release of the game that starte

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