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YS 1 & 2 complete

by snout on 30-07-2002, 17:39
Topic: MSX Related

After YS Eternal and YS2 eternal, Falcom has released a box set including YS1 and YS2. These PC remakes look really cool and are available in CD-ROM and DVD-ROM versions.


by snout on 30-07-2002, 11:32
Topic: Hardware

After a period of silence, Tsujikawa of ESE has succeeded in his attempts to build a MSX1 computer in PLD technology. Included features are 128KB RAM, PSG, SCC and keyboard & joystick connectors. In this current prototype he still uses a Sharp LH0080 CPU (Z80 compatible CPU), but even this CPU can be moved to PLD. Future plans are R800, MSX2 emulation and FM synthesis (hence MSX-MUSIC).


by enribar on 29-07-2002, 14:27
Topic: Music

I'm writing an article about and, of course, strings of MSX games ringtones, for Nokya mobiles. I tell you this because I've seen a post on the forum.This MSXTones project is born on Italian MSX user meeting: Fausto Mollichella of Freesoft MSX Magazine launched this challenge!

MSX mailinglist changes

by snout on 29-07-2002, 12:54
Topic: Websites

Because of the increase in spamming, the international MSX Mailinglist changed from Majordomo to Mailman. Only subscribed members can post messages on the mailinglist now.The MSX Mailinglist website has also been updated. It is now possible to join the list directly from this site. Go check it out!

NLMSX 0.43

by BiFi on 29-07-2002, 08:57
Topic: Emulation

Another update for NLMSX was released. It has the start of MSX turbo R emulation.

MSX Pad 1.0

by BiFi on 28-07-2002, 12:23
Topic: Development

Source: MSX Mailing List

Especially for Turbo Pascal users Slotman of MSX Files made a very nice Pascal editor for Windows that can compile MSX pascal programs using Turbo Pascal 3.3f.Some features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Project manager
  • Two template projects

The game template project includes 5 libraries with many useful routines for palette, disk I/O, sprites and

RuMSX 0.26

by snout on 22-07-2002, 12:12
Topic: Emulation

Lex Lechz released a new version of his user-friendly emulator RuMSX.

MSX Fair Bussum 2002 announcement...

by Grauw on 19-07-2002, 19:43
Topic: Events

TNI presents...14th MSX Computerday / 4th MSX Marathon

Saturday 5 October 2002Organization: Laurens Holst, Lijsterlaan 60, 1403 BB BussumTel. 035-6989386, email: lholst AT students.cs.u-REMOVE-ME-u.nlHi all!This is an announcement for the upcoming MSX Fair in Bussum, to be held on the 5th of October 2002.

HansO website updates.

by snout on 17-07-2002, 17:37
Topic: Websites

Source: comp.sys.msx

Hans Otten updated his site once again, and added the following:

  • Bruno Querzoli has documented how a Panasonic turboR A1 ST can be upgraded internally to 1Mb RAM.

fMSXCE 0.06

by snout on 15-07-2002, 11:36
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSX Files

Again, a new version of the MSX emulator for Windows CE was released.New features this time:

  • Added CPU timing dialog
  • Some changes regarding SHIFT & CTRL in keyboard handling

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