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Lightest MSX in the world

by snout on 20-06-2004, 13:39
Topic: Hardware

After a search for the Smallest MSX in the world , Gigamix has now started a quest for the lightest MSX in the world. To prevent the Nokia 6600 running fMSX/60 from winning both competitions they have added one requirement: the (emulated) MSX must have at least one cartridge slot.

On sunday the 11th of july 2004, the annual Spresiano Retrocomputing will be held. It's not an MSX-only event, but previous years have shown the meeting gives a lot of attention to MSX.

SjASM v0.39c2

by Bart on 17-06-2004, 23:54
Topic: Development

There's a new release of SjASM, the xl2s Z80 cross assembler.

New since version 0.39c2:

  • More freedom with character constants; in some cases it's possible to use double quotes...
  • It's now possible to specify include paths at the command line.
  • Angle brackets are used now to include commas in macroarguments.

KbMedia Player Version 2.34 beta10

by Bart on 17-06-2004, 23:34
Topic: MSX Related

KbMediaPlayer which supports OPX and, when using the MSXPlug plugin, KSS, BGM, MPK and MGS formats, has been updated to version 2.34 beta 10.

MESS *nix and Win32 0.83

by Bart on 17-06-2004, 23:21
Topic: Emulation

Both the *nix and Win32 ports of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System which also emulates MSX, are updated to version 0.83. MESS can be downloaded from here.

NestorBASIC 1.10

by Bart on 15-06-2004, 22:57
Topic: Development

Almost one year after the 1.0 release of NestorBASIC, Konamiman surprises us with an update to v1.10.

Tiger Hash implementation for MSX

by Grauw on 15-06-2004, 09:23
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Laurens Holst (Grauw) has created an MSX/Z80 implementation of the Tiger hash algorithm. Tiger is a 64-bits hashing algorithm with a 192-bit key (24 bytes). You can find the programs TIGERSUM and TGRBENCH, one to calculate tiger hashes of files with and the other to run a benchmark, on his homepage.

RuMSX 0.28

by MSX Resource Center on 14-06-2004, 11:46
Topic: Emulation

Rudolf Lechleitner, also known as Lex Lechz, released a new version of RuMSX, the MSX emulator focussing on MSX turboR emulation.

Final release Coral 2

by wolf_ on 13-06-2004, 19:52
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Infinite took the time to polish their contribution to the MRC Underwater Challenge and the final version is now ready for download. The team did some bugfixes and added library support and compressed data.

The requirements didn't change: Coral 2 requires an MSX2 with 128kb RAM, 128kb VRAM and a Moonsound with 512kb SRAM.

blueMSX 1.5.0

by mars2000you on 12-06-2004, 12:55
Topic: Emulation

Version 1.5.0 of blueMSX has been released. Initially conceived as a bugs fixing release, this version comes mainly with the following improvements:

  • The entire timing scheme of the emulation and DirectDraw is replaced.

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