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Falcom and Aruze team up online

by snout on 04-06-2004, 14:30
Topic: MSX Related

Falcom and Aruze have combined their efforts in order to create online games based on classic Falcom RPG's like Dragon Slayer and YS. 'Multiple Access Play' allows you to play the online games on PC, consoles, arcade and mobile phones against each other.

2,000 members on the MSX Resource Center

by snout on 03-06-2004, 20:02
Topic: MRC

It took a while, but we made it! A grand total of 2,000 members have signed up to the MSX Resource Center!

MSX in the Media: 3rd Nominee

by snout on 02-06-2004, 21:38
Topic: MSX Related

Marlon Braga Leite wrote a message to the Brazilian newspaper O Dia about the Portuguese version of MSX Resource Center. The editors of the newspaper decided this news was interesting enough to publish and so they did.

Bandai releases XAK for Vodafone

by snout on 02-06-2004, 14:49
Topic: MSX Related

Yesterday Bandai released the popular Microcabin RPG Xak, which was released on MSX in 1989 (]Xak - The Art of Visual Stage).

MSX Pizza photoshoots

by snout on 01-06-2004, 13:30
Topic: Photo shoots

This weekend the traditional MSX Pizza meeting was held in Brasilia, Brazil. This meeting is exactly what you think it is: a bunch of MSX users gathering and eating pizza. Sandro Zanello took these pictures, while Parn made this photoshoot.

New openMSX frontend for Linux

by enribar on 01-06-2004, 12:15
Topic: Emulation

FOX, an Italian MSX user, has made a new frontend for the openMSX emulator for Linux. This frontend is programmed in Lazarus, an open source clone of Delphi available for Linux and Windows.

Downloads top 10; May 2004

by snout on 01-06-2004, 00:11
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month, so it's time to have a look at the downloads top 10.

Usas Alternative version

by BiFi on 31-05-2004, 16:23
Topic: Software

On January 17th in Oss, Delta Soft showed a slightly changed version of Usas, where the Japanese emoticons are changed to graphical ones. BiFi has made a patch for it and put it on his Home Page. At the moment the patch is only available in the Archives.

Amateur MSX Gaming List

by msxgamesbox on 30-05-2004, 14:19
Topic: Websites

The MSX Games bOX have opened a new section called 'The Amateur MSX Gaming List' containing a comprehensive database of all 'amateur' games released since 1992. The section is still in development and will be completed over the next couple of months with additional data, storylines, pictures and possibly downloads as well.

Taito have announced they will release Playstation 2 remakes of Falcom's classic RPG's YS3 (Wanderers from YS), YS4 (Mask of the Sun) and YS5.

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