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Mega Drive PlayTV 6 in 1 console

by Sander on 26-10-2004, 00:47
Topic: MSX Related

Single chip anyone? Since a few days you can order the Mega Drive PlayTV. This small console comes with 6 games and a Mega Drive style Controller. In contrary to all the other TV consoles available , this Mega Drive has real computing power under the hood in the form of a complete Mega Drive in a small IC. Another one holds the games.

SDCC for MSXDOS - New version

by avelino on 26-10-2004, 00:41
Topic: Development

SDCC is a C compiler for microcomputers that generates Z80 compatible codem released under the GPL license at Sourceforge. On the website of Avelino you can find a patch for this compiler, which makes the SDCC compiler generate MSXDOS compatible code.

MSXPlug 2004-10-25

by snout on 26-10-2004, 00:29
Topic: MSX Related

Digital Sound Antiques has just released a new version of MSXplug, a plugin for WinAmp and KbMediaPlayer that allows you to play several formats of MSX songs on PC.

MRC Newsletter 10 online

by snout on 25-10-2004, 11:43
Topic: MRC

On April 23rd we sent our 10th newsletter to the people who are subscribed to the MSX Resource Center Newsletter. Today, 6 months later we are going to send the 11th newsletters to our subscribers, which means the previous edition has been added to the archive of MRC newsletters.

Skooter remake - second beta

by LeandroCorreia on 25-10-2004, 08:12
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Leandro Correia has just released a second beta version of his Skooter remake. The game is almost completed and, apart from some minor details, the beta version is already fully playable.

Up the ladder to the roof by DrMSX

by snout on 24-10-2004, 17:24
Topic: Music

DrMSX, known for his high-quality OPLL+SCC+PSG songs for MSX has added a new song to the 157 section of his website. In this section he offers MP3 and MGS downloads of covers he created of songs he likes.

MSX Review 2

by snout on 22-10-2004, 20:12
Topic: Websites

On February 19th Manel Collado and Javiér Perez released the first edition of MSX Review, a full-color MSX Magazine released for free in PDF format. As of today the second edition of MSX Review can be downloaded from their website.

RetroPC Game Music adds Shalom soundtrack

by snout on 22-10-2004, 15:11
Topic: Music

The ever growing retrogaming music archives of Retro PC Game Music were updated with the soundtrack of Konami's Shalom.

Last saturday the MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg held their monthly MSX meeting in Mariënberg, the Netherlands. A week later than usual, due to the Bussum 2004 fair, it turned out to be a very crowded day. During the day people played games and discussed general MSX topics.

Bombaman - Second update

by Arjan on 21-10-2004, 23:05
Topic: Software

Team Bomba have just released a second update to their popular game Bombaman. It appeared there were still quite some bugs in the custom level mode. When trying to play a custom level that isn't 100% correct (e.g.

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