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Kotaku: MSX turboR is a great synth!

by snout on 14-06-2012, 17:03
Topic: Media
Tags: Kotaku, SCMD

Kotaku have discovered SCMD, the MML utility that allows you to simultaniously use PSG, MSX-MUSIC, dual SCC and MSX-Audio - and boy are they impressed.

MSX Synth - Status update

by snout on 14-06-2012, 16:50
Topic: Software

A progress report of MSX Synth from Paxanga mentions a 64-note step sequencer, live performance mode and improved SID support.

AAMSX website in English

by j4mk3 on 14-06-2012, 15:24
Topic: Websites
Tags: AAMSX, meetings

AAMSX, the Asociación de Amigos del MSX, have made their site available in English. The site features all news and info on their RUMSX meetings.

MSXplug #1

by wolf_ on 14-06-2012, 01:05
Tags: iPhone, Apple iOS

MSXplug #1, the latest method to load your MSX-tapes from your iPhone.

2nd Retro Game fair Deurne

by snout on 08-06-2012, 14:45
Topic: Events
Tags: Deurne, Retro

Many MSX, Atari, Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, Arcade and Playstation fans will gather in Deurne, The Netherlands on September 9th, 2012 for the second edition of the Retro Game fair in Deurne.

Inverse Phase is gearing up to release a new album of Nine Inch Nails chiptune coversongs which was kickstarted last year and is finally near completion.

The English versions of the remake of Ys 3, Oath in Felghana, and the prequel to Ys are now available for Windows through Steam.

41st MSX RU Barcelona - Promo

by snout on 06-06-2012, 13:09
Topic: Software

An MSX1 demo promoting the 41st MSX RU meeting in Barcelona, to be held on June 16th 2012.

OBDS PSG Dump Editor preview

by snout on 06-06-2012, 12:46
Topic: Emulation
Tags: OBDS, fMSX, openMSX

OBDS, a new MSX developer from Brazil, gives us a first peek at PSG Dump Editor, a new openMSX plugin that captures PSG output in order to analyze it later.

In an interview with the Guardian Games Blog Hideo Kojima states that he probably would not have come up with the idea for Metal Gear on the Famicom department of Konami.

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