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MNBIOS - status update

by flyguille on 23-08-2004, 12:25
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

About two months ago the second demo version of MNBIOS, a new operating system for MSX, was released. Flyguille, the developer of MNBIOS is now working on a third demo version, which will be released somewhere in september. If all goes well this will be the last demo-release before the final release of the OS.

fMSX/S60 1.04a/b

by snout on 23-08-2004, 02:02
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX/S60, the MSX Emulator for Nokia Series 60 cellphones, has just been released.

MSX in the Media: 25th nominee

by snout on 22-08-2004, 15:07
Topic: Media

The news about the release of Metal Gear 1 for cellphones did not only excite many MSX users, but also got attention on the games blog Joystiq in this article.

F-1 Spirit remake - demo7

by MP83 on 22-08-2004, 01:19
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

A new demo version of the F1 Spirit remake has been released today. In this forum you can read about the latest updates and download this new demo version, which adds a lot of aspects to the game.

SjASM v0.39d

by sjoerd on 21-08-2004, 18:10
Topic: Development

There's a new release of SjASM, the xl2s Z80 cross assembler for PC. New in this version:

  • Fixed a structure initialization bug
  • DZ and ABYTEZ directives to define null terminated strings
  • Some LD, LDI and LDD 'instructions
  • And, as always, some minor bugfixes


by snout on 20-08-2004, 13:54
Topic: Development

After the huge success of the MRC and MSXdev competitions, another MSX related development contest has just been introduced: ILAC'04, the InterNestor Lite Applications Contest. The objective? To write applications for InterNestor LIte. The prize?

MESS 0.85

by snout on 19-08-2004, 22:26
Topic: Emulation

Both the Unix and Windows version of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System have been updated to version 0.85. With MESS it is possible to emulate a wide range of homecomputers and consoles, including several MSX configurations.


by msxgamesbox on 19-08-2004, 22:15
Topic: Websites

For the 3rd consecutive year, The MSX Games bOX is organising a Wallpaper contest renamed MSXart '04.

ObsoNET website online

by Latok on 19-08-2004, 20:08
Topic: Hardware

A few days ago, we reported about ObsoNET, an ethernet card for MSX. ObsoNET will be a 10Base-T card, Konami cartridge sized and with a RJ45 connector.

Symray_scopio has released a new MP3/real recording of a song he created on MSX. The song is called 'Thing over the destruction' and can be found on this website.

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