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MSX Posse has published a torrent file for the complete DVD with all of Kier Kracht's MSX fair footage.

Pletter 0.5a

by wolf_ on 04-11-2007, 20:09
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Last week, XL2s has added a new version of Pletter to their website. Pletter is a very valuable compression tool for assembly coders, comparable with Bitbuster but then with slightly better results.

Maze added to downloads

by wolf_ on 04-11-2007, 19:56
Topic: Software

Little over 3 years ago, MRC user GhostwriterP from XL2s has made a ray-casting demo for MSX2 and higher.

On their website, Passion MSX has published an article for ASCII's MSX magazine from 2003. The article describes the content of this Japanese book, the CD-ROM that came with it, and has a number of answers to emulation related questions.

Compact Flash article on MSX Café

by wolf_ on 01-11-2007, 21:10
Topic: Websites

The French website MSX Café has published an article, written by GuilianSeed, about the Compact Flash interface from Sunrise. The article covers everything from the physical package to preparing a Compact Flash card in order to work.

On a newly restyled, webmaster Konamito has released an interview with Carlos Mesa, who was editor (and later director) of the Spanish Magazine MSX Club.

Telenet Japan out of business

by snout on 01-11-2007, 17:49
Topic: MSX Related

Tokei news reported that, after 24 years of releasing great games such as Androgynus, Valis (Fantasm Soldier),

The ever growing retrogaming music archives of Retro PC Game Music were updated with the soundtrack of T&E Soft's Hydlide 2 - Shine of Darkness.

Konami have revealed that the upcoming Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS will also feature two classic

fMSX-Symbian 3.4.1

by fms on 01-11-2007, 17:30
Topic: Emulation

Together with the initial release of fMSX for UIQ, Marat Fayzullin has also released an updated version of fMSX for Series 60.

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