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Dodgin' Raven

by wolf_ on 20-01-2011, 23:44
Topic: Software

In 2008, when pitpan and viejo_archivero still cooperated as Karoshi, they intended to release a game called Dodgin' Raven. It didn't make MSXdev'08 however, due to a last-minute bug; it didn't work with 60Hz, and development halted after that moment.

Nijmegen 2011 - update

by wolf_ on 19-01-2011, 21:48
Topic: Events

The Nijmegen website was updated today with good news!

Generation MSX, the portal best known for its extensive information about MSX games, and the MRC will work together to share and enrich game related content on both portals. Currently a webservice is being developed to enable real-time sharing of game related information on both sides. This will ensure up to date information on both portals for all users and visitors.

Firebird - Hidden Debugmode

by larsthe18th on 18-01-2011, 23:18
Topic: Software

While decoding the password systems of Konami's Firebird, Lars the 18th discovered a hidden password that can launch a debug mode in this game.

Nijmegen 2011 - Reminder

by wolf_ on 14-01-2011, 21:55
Topic: Events

Saturday next weekend is the day of the annual MSX Fair in Nijmegen. Considering the 14 participants so far, the fair seems to be growing in popularity. Let's run them through..

  • openMSX Team - Demonstration of (the released or upcoming) openMSX 0.8.1., all Laserdisc games, the latest developments, the new Catapult and the debugger GUI.

Green Beret remake in development

by JohnHassink on 12-01-2011, 16:25
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Back in 1985, well before the first installments of the now famous

This year's MSXdev entry Daq: Lord of Idar, by developer Darkstone, has undergone some editing making it suitable for use with FlashROM. You need to use the parameter /k with the FlashROM and the parameter /k5 with the MegaFlashROM SCC+.

MIDI-PAC on sale at Nijmegen!

by Sander on 10-01-2011, 23:11
Topic: Hardware

Sometimes dreams come true, and this time is the announcement that the MIDI-PAC will start selling at the next Nijmegen fair. Cloaked in a little cartridge this device holds three processing units, with the main one running at eight times the speed of your z80. It does only one thing: real-time conversion of OPLL data to MIDI commands.

MSX-Datapack scanned

by sd_snatcher on 10-01-2011, 22:54
Topic: Development

The MSX-Datapack is the most complete official documentation about the MSX standard. Konamito and Dioniso scanned all the manuals and made it available. If you have good knowledge of the Japanese language you are invited to help out with the translation project.

PSGed v2 announced

by snout on 10-01-2011, 22:50
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Aorante announced that he started working on PSGed v2. This neat utility allows you to play around with the PSG registers in a nice GUI and offers a simple pattern editor and a sequencer, in which you can use 16 different patterns in 32 steps.

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