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MSXdev'10 - #1 NeoPONG512

by wolf_ on 20-06-2010, 10:41
Topic: Software

The first entry for MSXdev'10 is in; NeoPONG512, by Z80ST (ARTRAG and SapphiRe). Pong itself needs no introduction of course, a computer game from ancient times that took loads of coins from poor addicts when it was released. This new version features all sorts of enhancements, ranging from alternate graphics to MSX 2 palette, yet it retains the retro look it deserves.

QBIQS Online Demo

by Hydragon on 16-06-2010, 01:00
Topic: Software

SapphiRe is working hard to finish his game QBIQS, he has already showed us several videos of the development on YouTube.

More than 13 years since the last update of the Solid Snake - Metal Gear 2 English translation, initially done by Maarten ter Huurne and Takamichi Suzukawa, some useful improvements w

Arkos Tracker 1.0 beta 3

by genesis8 on 14-06-2010, 15:37
Topic: Music

Yet again, something fresh 'n' interesting has surfaced in the ever-evolving, ever-intriguing world of cross-development.

Deva preview

by Hydragon on 13-06-2010, 22:01
Topic: Software

MRC webmaster JohnHassink has uploaded a game-preview video to YouTube from Deva.

Nowind firmware 4.1

by wolf_ on 13-06-2010, 13:35
Topic: Development

A new version of the Nowind firmware and PC host software is available.

MiniGame Compo 2010 - revisited

by dr_beep on 08-06-2010, 20:36
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

MSX friend dr_beep noticed the original site of the MiniGame Compo being offline until further notice. He decided to reboot interest and keep the flame burning by creating an alternative site which already features a number of submitted content.

Remake of Time Out

by JohnHassink on 07-06-2010, 20:42
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

You may have heard of an old MSX game called Time Out, a Spectrum conversion by New Frontier. The reason we mention this oldie is because of an announced remake.

Metal Gear for mobile phones

by JohnHassink on 07-06-2010, 17:27
Topic: Software

It seems as though the highly acclaimed Metal Gear franchise hasn't lost anything of its initial appeal and shine and continues to catch the interest of gamers all around the world.

openMSX 0.8.0

by wolf_ on 07-06-2010, 00:02
Topic: Emulation

Today, the 'emulator that aims for perfection' landed at version 0.8.0, nicknamed CSI Dresal - a name which may sound like a mystery to investigate but it's certainly not a crime. The two biggest additions to 0.8.0 are the reverse function and Laserdisc.

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