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Turbo R poll down, emulator influence poll up

by wolf_ on 14-09-2007, 19:16
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

In the past few years, polls on MRC have been fairly random. As of now there will be a regular poll on the 14th of each month. Most polls will be related to development, aiming to provide developers with a bit of useful information for their projects. Of course, the final phase of a megapoll will have priority, as well as special polls related to unusual situations or events.

Due to personal circumstances MSX Club Groningen have decided to discontinue their activities. Since July 2005, the club organized bimonthly meetings for MSX users in Groningen, The Netherlands.

InterNestor Lite 1.1.1

by konamiman on 14-09-2007, 14:08
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Shortly after the release of InterNestor Lite 1.1 - the first MSX-UNAPI compatible version of this Internet toolkit for MSX - Konamiman released an updated version: InterNestor Lite 1.1.1.

Konamiman has updated his web site with a new version of MSX UNAPI ((Unified API definition and discovery standard), which is a standard generic procedure for defining APIs for new hardware on MSX. Now that the MSX UNAPI specification has stepped to version 1.0, the time for the first implementations has come as well.

Prodatron, the developer who never seems to take a break from expanding SymbOS, currently has his driver for the Graphics9000 nearly ready. Two videos of SymbOS in action, using the Graphics9000 configuration, have been placed on YouTube.

meisei 1.0.1

by wolf_ on 10-09-2007, 13:15
Topic: Emulation

A few weeks ago meisei 1.0 was released, and people were surprised by some of the unusual features of this lightweight MSX1 emulator. A small update has been released a week ago.

MSX Rio 2007 photo shoot

by wolf_ on 10-09-2007, 11:02
Topic: Photo shoots

From September the 7th until September the 8th the meeting MSX Rio 2007 was being organized. The website Icongames has put a photo shoot from this event online. Of particular interest is a section of photos from the VDU prototype, a combined videocard for MSX which is created out of four V9958 chips.

Quarth dossier on MSX Café

by wolf_ on 10-09-2007, 10:42
Topic: Websites

MSX Café has added a dossier about Konami's Quarth to their website.

Zandvoort 1991 video footage

by snout on 09-09-2007, 21:22
Topic: Photo shoots

Today, MSX Posse have published video footage of the 1991 edition of the legendary Zandvoort MSX fair in the Netherlands. If you want to have an impression of how massive Dutch MSX fairs were at the time, the video is well worth having a look at.

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