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A multicolor sprite editor is now online. It is written in Javascript, so you can use it online from any internet browser. The result is a BASIC program that displays your sprite ("DATA" option), or alternatively you can get the data for a machine language program ("DB" option). Have fun!


New playlist MSX Radio

by Latok on 28-11-2003, 12:05
Topic: Music

Over the last months, MSX Resource Center has organised massive MSX game song polls. The climax of this megapoll has to be reached still: you can vote on the frontpage for your most favourite MSX game tune.

The MSX game song polls have been done in close co-operation with Omega's MSX Radio.

BRMSX 3.0.f

by mars2000you on 28-11-2003, 01:15
Topic: Emulation

Ricardo Bittencourt has released a new version of his emulator especially conceived for Windows.

New Spanish MSX Magazine

by chaos on 27-11-2003, 18:33
Topic: MSX Related

In november, at the XXIV Barcelona MSX Meeting, a new MSX magazine has been released. This magazine, named CALL MSX is printed on high quality A4-size paper. The cover is printed in full-color, which gives it a professional look.

Source: [D]J

Recently, we reported about the release of MESS v0.77, the Multiple Emulator Super System for both win32 and *NIX. In this emulator, the MSX and MSX2 systems are also supported. MESS is based on MAME.

Parn's Music Station updated!

by Parn on 26-11-2003, 20:48
Topic: Music

After more than a 7-month hyatus, Parn's Music Station was updated. 9 new tracks were uploaded, comprising the entire rearranged Knightmare soundtrack. One is a minor update of an older track, but the other eight are entirely new arranges.

BitBuster 1.2

by snout on 26-11-2003, 11:41
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Team Bomba have released a new version of BitBuster, a set of tools to compress and decompress files. The compression rate is more or less equal to that of POPCOM, but BitBuster decompresses a lot faster. BitBuster is used in Team Bomba productions like the WOEI!

Eternal Blossom by DRMSX

by snout on 25-11-2003, 21:53
Topic: Music

Atsushi Sugiyama (DRMSX) has done it again. After creating the song Lady COCO he made another amazing MSX-Music song. Again, it's hard to believe these sounds actually come from a single OPLL chip, as DrMSX has succeeded in creating quite fat analog style sounds.

Only two days after we started the MRC Snowfall Challenge we received the first submission.

blueMSX 1.0.3

by snout on 25-11-2003, 18:12
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the MSX emulator called blueMSX was released today. In this version some timing issues were resolved. Also, NTSC mode and support for Brazilian MSX1 ROMs were added.

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