Avalon is a classic DOS RPG released in 1998, that was inspired on SD Snatcher, Dragon Slayer 6 and the Pumpkin Adventure series. It features music from a home made tracker, called MiGTracker Pro, which is almost similar to Moonblaster in its features and outputs to PC Soundblaster compatible MIDI.

The complete soundtrack for this game is now available on MSX OPL4! Through a custom built converter that can port the MTP file format to MWM, all music has been transferred the the MSX and optimized for use of the OPL4 internal wave ROM. It's pretty close to the originals, with the distinct crystal clear OPL4 sound.

On this ROM file are 55 original songs in MWM (Moonblaster for Moonsound Wave) format, for your enjoyment. They were composed by Jer Der and Tracer.

To compare it with the originals, recordings of these can be found here: https://www.avalonrpg.net/avalon-music.php

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