Castle Adventure - Map

by mars2000you on 22-12-2016, 17:58

Map for Castle Adventure created by mars2000you.

Castle Adventure is a game released by MSX Club Magazine and included with the disk subscription for number 25 of July/August 1989.

*update 20170201: Added a higher quality version

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By mars2000you

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01-02-2017, 09:12

Unfortunaly, both 'versions' are the same and of VERY BAD quality.

Please download the correct file here :

Correct dimensions: 4073x6217
Correct size: 738 Ko

Correct size of the corresponding ZIP file that I've had recently re-submitted (but it seems that it has been ignored by the MRC team): 554 Ko - Link :

Additional note for the MRC Admins:
I had asked to REPLACE the wrong PNG file by the correct ZIP file. All my other maps on MRC are in a ZIP file, why do you make differently for this map with this ridicule quality???? :( :( :(