DEVA player

by Daemos on 10-04-2021, 16:05

Since I needed to practice some of my DOS2 skills hereby I present you DEVA player.

DEVA player is a simple jukebox that plays ALL the music data that you can find withing the source of project DEVA. This player uses the exact same player and game data as used in the source without any changes. This means that you will also find some tracks that could be unused in game or never ripped to VGM. This also means that you get exactly that what is in the game

Works under DOS2 so you require 128K or RAM and off course the soundchips that are needed to play this music. Like the real game, moon-sound is detected and output is routed properly.

And just make things clear. I have permission from team DEVA.

Tested in emulation, on a real turbor machine and a phillips nms8250/55


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