by bosh77 on 24-02-2022, 21:09

This is the renewed version. The 1.0 version was called MSXbasictoz80. For Windows OS
I have added several instructions and many more code examples.
Write your code for MSX computer in BASIC and with "F5", the compilator will create a ".DSK" or ".ROM" file, to your choice, to try on emulator or real MSX!
First you need to set the emulator and its path!

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By bosh77

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24-02-2022, 21:26

Work on Windows


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25-02-2022, 15:19

Going to try! Greetings ! Very interesting!

By Frederik Dumarey

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21-08-2022, 17:11

Going to try V3 in combination with the MSXVR Face
Thanks a lot bosh77 ! Great job!