Bubble Bobble improvement patches

por gdx en 02-03-2018, 10:24

A patch for the game Bubble Bobble.
These patches improve following points:
- Fixed dragon sprite that goes left (Thanks to KdL)
- The game is a little faster
- Added turbo mode support for Panasonic's Turbo R and MSX2+
- Make a version for MSX2 upgrade cartridge

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Imagen del GUNMA747J

09-04-2018, 01:44

oh my god,hope it will have a scc/fm/msx music sound patch

Por karloch

Prophet (2159)

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06-01-2022, 21:12

The game suffers from severe slowdown in two players mode, but if you have a turboR and this patch, not anymore. Quite happy with it Smile

Por tfh

Prophet (3317)

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06-01-2022, 22:10

I think it would sound great with SCC indeed Smile

Por Manuel

Ascended (19308)

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07-01-2022, 09:07

I would prefer FM, like in the DOS port. The original arcade game uses also FM: OPN chip.

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

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07-01-2022, 09:27

Nice patch for a very great game.

And I agree with Manuel: the sega master system version also has FM music. So FM would be my preferred option as well. Sadly there are some other small bugs in Bubble Bobble (some special items not working, some bonus items like diamonds sometimes have bugs on flames, some items missing from the msx version, some bad english in the texts or in the coded text). Maybe these can also be fixed one day...

Por karloch

Prophet (2159)

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08-01-2022, 02:10

Randam wrote:

And I agree with Manuel: the sega master system version also has FM music

Are you sure? the videos I watched at Youtube seems to use the SN76489. Is there any special version that uses FM?

In any case, OPLL seems the more suitable soundchip, although I must say I love the PSG tune as is.

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

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12-01-2022, 09:10

I watched the japanese version on the SMS and Final Bubble Bobble doesn't seem to have FM, like you said Karloch. I must have mistaken it from another version.