Infinite's entry for the MEGA Challenge. Montana John is a platform adventure which combines game play from The Goonies and Usas. The game is an MSX2 SCC Megarom, but will also work on an MSX1 with 64KB or on an MSX1 with 64KB and a V9938.

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Por sd_snatcher

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12-01-2015, 00:13

Unfortunately, it doesn't run properly on real MSX1 machines. It seems to write too fast to the VDP, so the sprites go havoc.

Por mars2000you

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12-01-2015, 00:43

Explanation in this forum :

wolf_ wrote:

There are 3 differences on MSX2:
- Palette, not just the same colors with a different RGB value, but also extra (darker) colors
- extra shades in the tiles (see e.g. the title), so technically these tiles are different in their structure.
- scrolling when a block hits the floor, and later on you'll see scrolling for other parts.

The visual quality is so much better on MSX2 that I want this game to live its life as an MSX2 game. The only reason this game works on MSX1 is because it started out as MSXdev'07 entry on december the 1st, 2007. :P

Likewise with the music: I'd like it to live its life as an SCC game, even when there is -inferior- PSG-only music.

*added to that*, most of the levels survive rather well on the old TMS, but last week I've added level 7 (Spiders Lair) which doesn't work out too well on MSX1. Again, see it and treat it as an MSX2 game, the fact that it runs on MSX1 in a skimmed-down fashion is rather a bonus for the MSX1-fetishists... :P :P

Por sd_snatcher

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12-01-2015, 01:25

He explains it just as a preference, he isn't saying that the game won't run on MSX1 machines. On the contrary, he says " it runs on MSX1 in a skimmed-down fashion".

And the download description states that too.

Seeing his statement, I guessed that the game was only tested on European MSX1 machines. And bingo! The game runs fine at 50Hz.

But the problem is that it is completely unplayable on 60Hz MSX1 machines.

Por gdx

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02-08-2019, 12:26

Can anyone test that version below on a real MSX1? I can not now.

I removed the useless Select key.

Por hashem

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02-08-2019, 15:57

that game full?

Por gdx

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02-08-2019, 17:38

I think but my version doesn't work.

Por gdx

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03-08-2019, 13:54

I repaired my ESE-RAM so I can test again now on MSX1. I fixed some things.


The game still doesn't work on MSX1 but it is no longer necessary to press Select for MSX2s at 60hz.
Now, on MSX1, the demo works and the game almost works. The sprites are completely buggy. It may be the OUTI series that is causing the problem.

Por gdx

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04-08-2019, 10:38

The game seems to have these problems:
- The interrupt routine too long
- Management of slots (MSXs with pages spread in several slots are not supported.)

It would take the source code to full correct this game.

In my version, I corrected an access to register 7 of the VDP that was done by indicating 0fh instead and probably some access time.

Por Manuel

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04-08-2019, 17:31

Why don't you contact Edwin, the author?