Tenliner challenge

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por pentacour en 21-10-2012, 00:46

An MSX port of the 1981 Nintendo Game&Watch game Manhole - in no less than 10 lines of MSX-BASIC. "Move quickly and use your manhole cover to prevent the pedestrians from falling through the uncovered holes!"

Controls: d, c, k, m

Moon Rescue

por Oscar en 01-11-2012, 23:38

The fourth entry in MRC's Tenliner challenge. This is the first contest program ever by Oscar Centelles (zanac2). The program can run on an MSX1 but it needs the speed of a TurboR for normal playing. Use the cursor keys to control your space shuttle's throttle.


por turbor en 11-11-2012, 12:36

Mutate is an MSX-BASIC tenliner tool that rewrites itself every time you run it, as a kind of biological self evolving program. Mutate came to life when turbor was working on his Tenliner entry Lifeguard and spent a lot of time rearranging the code over the different lines to make sure it fit.

openMSX memory

por turbor en 13-12-2012, 21:40

openMSX Memory, entry 14 in the MRC Tenliner Challenge, is an implementation of the classic Memory game where the game cards feature openMSX developers and contributors. The game runs in screen 8, therefore an MSX2 or higher is needed. For best results an MSX turbo R is recommended.


por PlainSpooky en 13-10-2012, 22:31

The first entry in the MRC Tenliner challenge is a Space Invaders game inspired by the Atari 2600 classic game Megamania. Try to catch all classic computers with your laser gun before they hit you! The game needs a MSX1 computer with one diskdrive.

Runner 2000

por viejo_archivero en 17-10-2012, 20:43

You must escape a mine filled planet without being hurt. Keep on running to the right while evading every obstacle in your way. Difficulty level will keep up increasing. When you reach a new level, ground color will change, and more objects, in different possitions will start to appear. Try to get the TOP score and challenge your friends!

Push SPACE to jump.


por BlueCrystal en 08-11-2012, 21:19

The sixth entry in the MRC Tenliner challenge is Shangri-La, a demo in 10 lines of MSX-Basic for MSX2 and higher. The demo runs on MSX2 but for the best experience use an MSX turbo R.


por Imanok en 11-11-2012, 13:10

The ninth entry for the MRC Tenliner Challenge by Imanok. In Shuriken, you are a vengeful ninja on a suicide mission invading the enemy fortress. The game runs on any MSX2 or higher with 64kB VRAM.


por msx3plus en 13-12-2012, 08:56

Sidestep is the fifteenth entry to the MRC Tenliner Challenge and was made by special guest MR. GHOST from Korea. In Sidestep you control an airplane and you have to dodge enemies for as long as you can with the left and right cursor keys.

The game runs on any MSX computer, but running it in R800 mode is discouraged because the speed will make the game unplayable.


por Oscar en 17-12-2012, 19:33

Train is entry 17 in the Tenliner Challenge and Oscar Centelles' second contribution. Train is a game for MSX1 where you have to cross a train infested with bad guys. Your goal is to reach the end of the train while avoiding the bad guys. The player is controlled using the cursor keys to move and jump. You can also hit the enemies with the space key.

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