Back in 2006 togerther toob and msd made some patches to run compile games on opl4 or msx-audio cartridges without the use the msx-audio bios or use the poke -54,35. Because the opl4 uses different ports for the fm this patch changes the ports to C4 and C5 when the opl4 is used. The patch requires the game disk to in a physical drive. It can't patch dsk images.

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Por mars2000you

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12-10-2014, 23:30


It can't patch dsk images.

Wrong ! It can be done on dsk images, if they are not in only reading mode. Just tested with blueMSX, and it works. It means also that IPS patches can be created !

Por mars2000you

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13-10-2014, 12:10

Actually, as discussed here : , the limitation concerns using of dsk files on cf or hdd within a MSX system.

Por PlainSpooky

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15-06-2015, 13:32

I made the IPS patch files to be applied on original DSK images from Gorby's and Puyo Puyo and played in emulators and/or real MSX machines. They are in here (it's in portuguese but is easy to find them)