how many turbo-r machines are sold ?

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Por SkyeWelse

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10-04-2012, 23:19

Mine is a Turbo R GT: 1LKSA09131

Por Sky_hawk

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11-04-2012, 10:50

Might be nice to catalog/map msx presence globally ? A simple database connected to googlemaps ? any takers ? Smile
Maybe a website where you can register your msx Smile

Por Gradius2

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11-04-2012, 18:57

Nice idea, however, keep in mind there are still somes in Japan, and believe it or not, many not even access this site (or any at all), so it would be incomplete still.

Also, many went to trash (yep), others are just collecting dust, even somes are at the bottom of sea!

I guess Panasonic (Matsushita back there) must have made ~20K units. It would be nice to know how many MSX they made per batch and how many batches, so we could figure out the complete number.

Por Gradius2

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11-04-2012, 18:55

Just sent e-mail to them, let's see what will be the reply (if any).

I should have e-mailed at Japan, but I couldn't find the e-mail there.

Por kotai

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23-04-2012, 13:34

Turbo R ST: 0LNMC10199

Por Gradius2

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24-04-2012, 15:34

Got answer from Panasonic today...

They redirected me to another department. Crying

So another month for a reply (IF any).

Por snout

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24-08-2012, 19:28

Don't think I posted my serial no. yet, so here goes

FS-A1GT 1KKSA06040

I really like how we analyzed the serial numbers of turboR machines and estimated how many were produced, roughly.

Wouldn't it be cool if we did this for -all- MSX hardware out there? The wiki would be a great place to do such a thing. By analyzing the serial numbers of other MSX computers (and hardware expansions) we might get an even better image of how many MSX computers (and peripherals) were put to market.

I for one have got a few MSX computers around here of which I'll gladly share the serial numbers. Who would like to help out with such a project? (Or am I the only one who sees the 'fun' in this?)

Por meits

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24-08-2012, 19:41

gathering statistical info which can be put in tables to be analized are quite fun...

Por Sama

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24-08-2012, 20:40

Yeah, such as you once did by writing down how many times you took a shit (or something) and even went as far as publishing it on DISK Wink

Por meits

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24-08-2012, 20:56

Yep... 1995 Tongue

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