Glider - controls?

Por Bigby

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22-12-2010, 17:02

Yet another game I am having trouble with taking off! Tongue

What I have done is steer the plane onto the runway (GS is to refuel). I then hold left and button 1 to take off, but immediately crash.

If your wondering why I'm even playing these games, it's because I am making 40 second videos for them. (200 so far made)

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Por RobertVroemisse

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22-12-2010, 18:44

You sick puppy! Santa

Por Bigby

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22-12-2010, 19:07

while I'm here..another game's controls baffle me!

Gokiburi Daisakusen - Bug Bomb

Por Edwin

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23-12-2010, 01:14

I actually remember "playing" Glider at some point. I was able to take off, but whatever you had to do after that was beyond me. I don't think it was a european game, so the manual probably wouldn't have helped either. ;)

Por ArnoMSX

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16-07-2011, 01:39

Maybe a bit late but I just stumbled upon this thread. It took me many hours to figure this game out as a kid. I still remember the joy of finally flying across the map.

To take off you have to stand at the right of the runway. Wait till the wind is either east or west. Then press left, then space bar, then down cursor (hold). "Down cursor" is for gaining altitude "up cursor" for descending. When you're flying you can change directions by tapping the cursors. Changing directions and going up and down can't be done at the same time.

The first level you have to fly past 5 checkpoints. These are arrows. You have to fly straight past the point of the arrow at about one inch distance. When you manage to do this you'll hear a bleep. When you've done the job you have to land on your own island and go to GS, the point where you have to take fuel before takeoff!

When landing, the wind should be east or west. Lower your plane in time and press space bar when you hit the runway.

Por ArnoMSX

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16-07-2011, 12:19

I've uploaded a movie of the first level on Youtube:

Por Manuel

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16-07-2011, 18:52

Thanks for finding this out Smile