Project Melancholia

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Por Manuel

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03-10-2011, 23:12

Nice webpage Smile

Por Sama

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10-10-2011, 05:00

i hope the people who made this "project" up realize that overhyped stuff tends to eh, well, be OVERhyped.
Whatever it is , dont try to make it more than it is else it will suck at the Event Eleven thingy.

I don't think it's overhyped. Isn't it nice to see that some kind of MSX project is given this kind of attention? I can very well imagine those who are behind this project already enjoying it a lot, because if they wouldn't, they wouldn't have done all these mysterious things. I wish more MSX projects were presented like this, even if it turns out to be a BASIC Pacman clone Tongue.

Por sd_snatcher

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14-10-2011, 22:57

Por lionelritchie

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15-10-2011, 00:20

project emo

Por Moniz

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15-10-2011, 23:01

It's not overhyped: its better than expected!

Por ro

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16-10-2011, 00:39

ggrrrrreeat job dudes! for everyone out there still wondering wots up... it's SD snatcher revisited Smile

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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16-10-2011, 01:01

project melancholia presentation

Por Manuel

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16-10-2011, 11:24

So, can someone (Sama!) explain the exact meaning of the "codes" on the website?

Por FiXato

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16-10-2011, 14:28

Yes, please Smile
Looks nice so far; looking forward to the pre-order and release dates Big smile

Por konamiman

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16-10-2011, 15:16

BTW, when will the new MRC site be online? I am refreshing my browser every five minutes since midnight...

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