Oss 2005 - Reminder

por snout en 18-01-2005, 23:37
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This Saturday the tratitional new-years MSX users meeting in Oss will be held. As usual, the place to be is the 'Oude Theater' on the Bram van den Berghstraat in Oss, just a small walk from the train station. This year the following standholders will be attending the fair:

So if you have the opportunity, take your chance to meet active MSX user, buy the latest (or second hand) MSX Software titles like Bombaman, BombJack and Bounce Mania. You can also get your hands on some cool (Sunrise) hardware or have a look at the various new developments on display.

During the fair MRC, Sunrise and Team Bomba will hand out the prizes to the Bombaman Challenge. On the MSX Resource Center booth you can probably have a look at the recent version of Cipher, an impressive action RPG developed with Dante 2. Furthermore the MSX Game Reader (not connected to PC) and several recent MSX magazines and publications, including the new MSX Top Secret 2, will be put on display.

Last year the meeting was more crowded than ever. Perhaps we can set a new record this year? See you this Saturday!

Relevant link: MSX-NBNO

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Por snout

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18-01-2005, 23:43

...and the Oss 2005 banner is even more high rotation now than it already was. Did you already spot it, Manuel? Smile

Por [D-Tail]

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18-01-2005, 23:57

Spoiler, especially for turbor:
you'll be able to play BombJack at the Bitwise booth. Please note that it is not cool to occupy my A1ST during the whole fair Smile

Por wolf_

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19-01-2005, 01:42

so uhm...


..any homeless machine to hammer again this year? Smile

Por BiFi

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19-01-2005, 08:04

@[D-Tail]: there's a very simple solution to that... simply don't take your turboR to Oss then...
@Wolf_: and have another community spotting the MSX scene not being dead? Wink I think it's a bit overkill... any suggestions? Smile

Por Bart

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19-01-2005, 09:59

Hope you guys have fun! I'm not able to attend this year :/ Gotta fix my bathroom first Sad

Por Samor

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19-01-2005, 10:19

be nice on the c64's Wink

my 8250 shares the desk with a C64C and they get along really well. Wink
(no, really; they're not fighting!)

Por Sonic_aka_T

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19-01-2005, 13:04

@samor: that's because they can't "see" eachother... Try connecting them with a serial cable, then they'll fight!!! Tongue

Por Samor

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19-01-2005, 13:11

C64: "pff, if it isn't mr. dull-scrolling-msx!"
MSX: "Pah! With that kind of graphics, even an Atari 2600 could scroll smooth!"
C64: "WHY YOU! At least I don't need add-on soundchips to sound good!"
MSX: "Like you HAVE any!"
C64: "I don't need them."
MSX: "My moonsound is listening to you, and laughing!"

^I guess they do that when I'm not looking..... Wink

Por DarQ

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19-01-2005, 15:02

moonsound Smile

Por Samor

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19-01-2005, 17:11

actually, to be honest I don't have one Shocked!

Por Manuel

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19-01-2005, 18:52

Hey, where is Bas and Ronnie?

Por snout

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20-01-2005, 14:34

I didn't receive their names from NBNO. Which could mean they won't be there, or that their registration has not been confirmed as of yet. IIRC Bas recently wrote in the forums he'll be there, though. (As a visitor, or with a stand?)

Por Repair-Bas

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21-01-2005, 11:56

I'll be there and I have something for everyone.
Please ask me there if you get nothing.

I have a box with me with drive belts, drives, stepdown-trafo's, some cables, msx-mouses and a few spare-parts.

Por MSi

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23-01-2005, 00:34

ok... the fair was great!! talked with a lot of people.. and hey... even me and Yobi were talking about releasing a new ROM magazine... ?? ok no rumors here, undo... ;-)