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07-04-2022, 08:55

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

It is just a luminance output and a color output. Same as the Philips NMS8250 (and most likely this machine is the base for the NMS8250).

This explains Smile

CAI Bee Cards:

I have seen CAI mentioned in advertisements earlier, but first time I see (a picture from) actual software/hardware. Does anyone have more information of the contents?

Por sdsnatcher73

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07-04-2022, 12:34

I don’t believe rhese are MSX related. Hudson sold the BEECARD system all over Japan. Here are some BEECARDs with sound data, definitely not for MSX either imho.

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07-04-2022, 12:48

Those sound cards are maybe for Korg Synthesizers (mentioned in wikipedia).

Maybe it's time to get that CAI advertisement translated and see what is it all about. Might be something general non-MSX related while it was handed out with MSX software. I'll be back after taking pics/scan.

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08-04-2022, 13:26

Manabukun printed on these "Bee cards" is a "hidden MSX" family mentioned in this and this thread. IC card is described to be its accessory in various YAJ descriptions though I can't find any photo. The cards on the auction, which I don't think are Hudson Bee cards rather than proprietary Manabu kun devices are "membership cards" that each stores the owner's personal data. I am sure there was one Manabukun machine in a Gakken CAI School and a Bee card was assigned to each student there.
Manabukun/Gakken Study educational GCX machines were very successful, perhaps much more than the MSX computers. A source says new courses were developed well into 2010s and the repair shop website suggests some are still used in private classes.

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06-01-2023, 11:28

Por Juanmi

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06-01-2023, 13:11


$1800 for... a cassette game

It's not a cassette, it's a VHD game. But anyway, some people don't want to sell, they just like to show how big they have it.

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07-01-2023, 11:20

At least it comes with a payment plan, haha

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