What was the reason that you bought an MSX and kept using it ?

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Paladin (863)

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05-11-2012, 23:09

It's quite amazing that the most of you did actually start using your MSX because of one of your parents did buy one for you ! To be honest, I did got my first VG8020 also from my parents Wink

But besides that, I see the following reasons why you all are liking the MSX:

-You all are liking the style of games that are available on the MSX.
-Use the MSX to make music.
-Be creative, in which way ?

Sound the above familiar ?

Por fukenko

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06-11-2012, 00:07

From the first,I wanted to buy CASIO's DATABANK watch and I had saved pocket money.
But my parents said "It's too early for you to own your watch!" and forbid me to buy it.
So I bought CASIO MX-10 instead of DATABANK watch.(My parents permitted me to buy computer somehow!)
That's how I started MSX.It was about 26 years ago.

Then I began typing programs,subscribing computer magazines,playing games,leaning BASIC,Assembly,and to the present.
By the way,In my pocket is SEIKO's railroad watch now.

Por hit9918

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06-11-2012, 07:34

I too remember a "MSX cheaper than C64" thing. That must have been around 1986.
But the cheap thing was the console, the floppy was much more expensive.
Like, Hit Bit 75P with 64k RAM cost 300DM, but the floppy 700DM.

This looks like underpricing the console and then ask much for the floppy.
When a costumer does smell this and complain, the salesman got the argument that the 3.5" got 360k without flipping the diskette and the 5" bricks are outdated tech.

I needed the floppy not for gaming, but for programming.
So, for playing the toptitles like Gradius, need not pay for a disk drive, then MSX is the CHEAPEST machine.

Por Pac

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06-11-2012, 10:07

bennyroger wrote:

My Philips NMS 8255 is still in use for printing invoices and now and then a game....(its turned on 8h a day)
That said ALL of my MSX machines are connected and ready for use.........

That's indicative of the quality of MSX products Smile

fukenkko wrote:

So I bought CASIO MX-10 instead of DATABANK watch.(My parents permitted me to buy computer somehow!)
That's how I started MSX.It was about 26 years ago.

Nice to know the begining of a Japanese MSX user, Thank you so much fukenko!. I cannot imagine the golden age of MSX in Japan with a HUGE quantity of MSX hardware&software to choose. If I were Japanese it would have been a hard time for sure... LOL!

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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06-11-2012, 10:18

Hmm, I must have posted this in another topic as well, but for me it were my parents as well. My father, to be more specific. We had already owned a ZX-Spectrum and two C64s (which I managed to ruin rather quickly) and went out to buy the C128. As several friends and my nephew all had Commodores, it seemed reasonable to stick to the brand. Not to my dad. In the shop he was convinced the Philips NMS8245 was a much better choice - and the years that followed proved him quite right Wink

As for the reason I kept using it: Flying Bytes and the highly active Dutch MSX scene in the 1990s Thanks to them, I discovered that I could really create stuff myself on my own computer. Music, mostly, but later I learned to code a little bit as well.

Today, I see the MSX as a computer that inspires creativity through its limitations. Modern-day computers and consoles are very powerful, but also very complex. Thanks to its limitations the MSX is relatively easy to -really- understand. Thanks to its limitations you are forced to carefully think how you are going to get the results you really want. No matter if it is a nice, full sounding song on a 3-channel sound chip - or a smooth scrolling thingamajig on a V9938 - or a complete game in only a few kilobytes of memory...

It is exactly these limitations that force you to be creative - and the lack of limitations that allows the mindless pulp we see on a day-to-day basis on modern-day platforms. Sure it looks good, but most of it lacks 'soul'.

That, and a huge pile of nostalgia, of course Wink


Paladin (863)

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07-11-2012, 16:53

So hearing all of your reactions I think that a MSX basic compatible basic interpreter is a must for the Orbit project ?
I guess without the basic the creativity will go down the drain....

Por meits

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07-11-2012, 18:52

got that Wink

Por Marq

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07-11-2012, 23:21

Well, I for one didn't have an MSX as a kid (a Sharp MZ-721 instead). It wasn't a popular platform where I'm from - just knew one guy that had one. It was only in 1996 that a friend of mine and I decided to found an 8-bit demogroup (they were becoming sort of cool at that point) that I got involved. We considered other options too, such as C64 or Amstrad CPC, but the easy file transfer from a PC using normal 3.5" floppies became the deciding factor for MSX. So, it was a close call that Lieves!Tuore ever became an MSX group at all Smile

Por msx fan finland

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08-11-2012, 08:38

im using msx TR cause im making music with it.
Msx was my home at 1983 december so ..Music with msx is good and exiting.
im not play games but different musical solution of msx computers is near to me.




Paladin (863)

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11-11-2012, 10:03

Wow, i didn't expect so much reactions, it was nice reading all of your stories !
Thanks for all the input Big smile

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