Tenliner challenge closed

Tenliner challenge closed

por Jorito en 18-12-2012, 22:44
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Now, that was quick! The ten weeks since we started out with our Tenliner Challenge has already passed, and the deadline has passed on December 17th, 23:59:59 CET.

When we started this challenge, we had no idea how succesful the new concept with 10 lines of MSX BASIC and a media file for extra content would be. As appears out, it turned out very well! It was very well received and resulted in a whopping 19 entries that shows what a bit of creativity can get you in only 10 lines of BASIC.

Here's an overview of all the games, demos and utilities contributed to the Tenliner Challenge:

  1. Retromania by PlainSpooky from Brazil
  2. Runner 2000 by viejo_archivero from Spain
  3. Manhole by Pentacour from Spain
  4. Moon Rescue by Oscar Centelles from Spain
  5. Fog Hunter by OldBitsRulez from Brazil
  6. Shangri-La by BlueCrystal from The Netherlands
  7. Lifeguard by turbo from Belgium
  8. Mutate by turbo from Belgium
  9. Shuriken by Imanok from Spain
  10. Julia Generator by MSXvogel from The Netherlands
  11. Ball Bouncer by Nerlaska Studios from Spain
  12. London Rain Matrix by aorante from Spain
  13. Endless Fall by Carlos Andrade from Brazil
  14. openMSX Memory by turbo from Belgium
  15. Sidestep by MR. GHOST from Korea
  16. Bubble Dream by Kotai and PixelsMil from Spain
  17. Train by Oscar Centelles from Spain
  18. Arrows by Honoppe from Japan
  19. Bat Up! by B4rret from Spain

And of course there's bonus entry Gokivader by jury member fukenko from Japan, who became so enchanted by the challenge that he couldn't resist creating a non-participating entry.

Thank you for all your contributions! Of course all entries are a big win for MSX, but the final word on who wins any prizes is up to the jury. Now is the time to eagerly await what MSX-BASIC Games blogger Adolfo Gonzalez and the MSX Resource Center crew members Meits and Fukenko think of all your submissions and deliver their verdict.

Which is your favorite entry? Share it with us in the comments!

Relevant link: Tenliner Challenge downloads

Comentarios (9)

Por Oscar

Guardian (585)

Imagen del Oscar

19-12-2012, 00:21

Great contest!

Por tcruise

Master (133)

Imagen del tcruise

19-12-2012, 06:00

Excellent contest, everyone has done a really good job with the entries. It shows of one of the main reasons I chose the platform over the competition back in the day i.e. it literally had the best basic along with the hardware sprites and the number of colours that could be displayed.

Por Bastiaan

Champion (333)

Imagen del Bastiaan

19-12-2012, 21:23

WOW !! great contest, great entries, great creativity
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por Manuel

Ascended (19461)

Imagen del Manuel

19-12-2012, 23:11

This has really been a very cool challenge! I almost participated myself, even! Smile (Yeah, I should have.)

Por snout

Ascended (15187)

Imagen del snout

19-12-2012, 23:45

@Manuel - you can always release the fruits of your creativity out-of-competition. Especially now that you've made us all curious!

Por Samor

Prophet (2174)

Imagen del Samor

20-12-2012, 15:36

I was planning too, but as usual that failed... however, I did regain some interest in trying something so maybe when the next challenge comes up in a year or five I'll....

(oh wait, I probably thought about it the same way last time)

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por Manuel

Ascended (19461)

Imagen del Manuel

20-12-2012, 23:24

I actually didn't come further than a rough idea, sorry Tongue

Por hap

Paragon (2042)

Imagen del hap

20-12-2012, 23:38

Manuel told me all about it. You see, he wanted to take PO-CHIN the fart guy from Kung Fu 2, and put him on the left side of the screen able to move up and down at 32 pixels each step. Then have Konami index fingers appearing from the right edge of the screen and moving left.
You can guess the rest, a true Allosoft classic!

Por hbarcellos

Hero (645)

Imagen del hbarcellos

21-12-2012, 10:56

Congratulations. This concept idea was amazing.
Maybe next year it should be 11 lines, and so on.
About the country distribution, I was really glad to see Japan and Korea, and I was surprised by the small number of entries from the Netherlands...