Radarsoft still exists

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Por Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

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22-02-2014, 16:46

breaker is one of my favorite games. so a good smooth game msx2 needs lots of them. whebn i was a child grotten van oberon!!!!!!!!!!

Por Grauw

Ascended (10623)

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22-02-2014, 23:55

Meits wrote:

That was a waste of good paper indeed...

Hey! I take offense to that! Smile

(My da made ’em, and some other guy Smile)

Por meits

Scribe (6512)

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23-02-2014, 00:07

I know... And still it made the magazine's overall quality lay-out look rather messy Wink

Por Guts

Expert (87)

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23-02-2014, 16:41

I played Topo Netherlands on the MSX2 at school.
Also I love Breaker Tongue

Por alexworp3

Expert (126)

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24-02-2014, 11:42

breaker is one of my all time favourites

Por ray2day

Paladin (695)

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24-02-2014, 13:00

Radarsoft released some very good and populair software that time; Zoo, Breaker, Rad-X, Topografie series, Dynamic Publisher, Grotten van Oberon, Eindeloos, niet te vergeten Tempo Typen etc. etc.

Dynamic Publisher is one of the main reason my profession is to be a dtp-er (desktoppublisher)/graphic designer today see my website also; www.raymondmsx.nl). Next to that me and my wife play Topografie Nederland and Topografie Wereld still a lot.

Por o.geerdink

Hero (587)

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24-02-2014, 16:05

It needs an update hehe

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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24-02-2014, 19:09

@ ray2day: Me and my friends do too! Smile Only disadvantage is that some country names and borders are indeed now obsolete. Wink

Por mars2000you

Enlighted (6318)

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24-02-2014, 19:18

JohnHassink wrote:

Only disadvantage is that some country names and borders are indeed now obsolete. Wink

And that's not finished as we come expect in the coming years independance of Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders, reunion of Wallonia (? and Brussels) to France, etc ... Wink

Por JohnHassink

Ambassador (5607)

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24-02-2014, 19:26

Maybe we can hack the game and update it. Big smile

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